Blue Man Group with Chef David Myers at Marina Bay SandsBlue Man Group with Chef David Myers at Marina Bay Sands


Adrift by David Myers hosted an exclusive toast to the Asia premiere of global entertainment phenomenon BLUE MAN GROUP on 17 March 2016, with a cocktail specially crafted in honour of the award-winning show.

David Myers himself took the stage to the sounds of cocktails being strained and the low hum of murmurs of appreciation – all to shake up one Blue Electricity, or the ‘new Pina Colada’, as he proposed. With deft hands and a charismatic grin, he introduced the cocktail as a rum-based tropical drink with an extra kick of acidity. He also divulged its secret ingredient: coconut water, for added electrolytes and a light, vibrant flavor. All in all, super simple, but with a bit of blue electricity. Try this limited edition cocktail for yourself, available at Adrift from 18 March to 24 April 2016.

After the preface, the famed trio of bald and blue characters from the BLUE MAN GROUP made their grand appearance with a literal bang, theatrically blowing up and exploding a gigantic blue balloon to rain confetti down upon the crowd as the heavy beats of electronic music thumped on. They then proceeded to the bar, where they interacted with the crowd and posed with David Myers and glasses of Blue Electricity. When asked about the intent behind their shows, their musical director answered sincerely and without pause. "We just want audiences to have a good time, to let go of their regular lives. For 90 minutes, we want them to feel like they're 5 years old again."

BLUE MAN GROUP will kick off its new worldwide tour in Singapore at the MasterCard Theatres from 29 March 2016 with an all-new theatrical experience and fresh content tailored just for Asia. Don't miss the show that has captivated 35 million people worldwide across 15 countries; grab your tickets today and get ready for a show-stopping extravaganza!