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Special Conversations: Martin Rees: Exploring the Cosmos


Friday, 16 Jun 2017 | 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Expression Gallery, Level 4

Free on a first-come-first-served basis. Register in the lobby.

Astronomer Royal Martin Rees invites you to explore the cosmos, imagining its origins and what the future might hold. In his signature style mixing humour and profundity, he encourages us to use astrophysics, and science more broadly, not only to make sense of space and time, but also to question the bigger existential reasons for our being.

About Martin Rees:

Martin Rees is a leading astrophysicist as well as a senior figure in UK science. He has conducted influential theoretical work on subjects as diverse as black hole formation and extragalactic radio sources, and provided key evidence to contradict the Steady State theory of the evolution of the Universe. He was one of the first to predict the uneven distribution of matter in the Universe, and proposed observational tests to determine the clustering of stars and galaxies. Much of his most valuable research has focused on the end of the so-called cosmic dark ages — a period shortly after the Big Bang when the Universe was as yet without light sources.

As Astronomer Royal and a Past President of the Royal Society, Martin Rees is a prominent scientific spokesperson and the author of seven books of popular science. After receiving a knighthood in 1992 for his services to science, he was elevated to the title of Baron Rees of Ludlow in 2005.

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Conversations: Stelarc with Steve Dixon


Saturday, 27 May 2017 | 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Expression Gallery, Level 4
Free on a first-come-first-served basis. Register in the lobby.

As part of the opening programme of HUMAN+ - The Future of Our Species, two of the pioneers of art and technology will come together for one afternoon of riveting presentations and discussions at ArtScience Museum. Stelarc is one of the true legends of art and technology performance. Three of his recent performance artworks are exhibited as part of HUMAN+. Steve Dixon is President of LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore, and a world-renowned scholar of technology in performance.

In this age of gene mapping, body hacking, gender reassignment, neural implants, face transplants, prosthetic augmentation, turbine hearts and organ printing, these distinguished speakers will show us a rapidly approaching future where what a body is and how it operates becomes problematic; where technology is what defines the meaning of being human, and is part of being human.


Steve Dixon takes a lively look at artists who explore themes of Cybernetic-Existentialism in their practice, in the light of emerging themes within contemporary arts and performance that appear to relate simultaneously to both fields and to fuse them.


Prof Steve Dixon is an internationally recognised academic, researcher and interdisciplinary artist with a distinguished career in both higher education leadership and the professional creative industries. He joined LASALLE College of the Arts as its sixth President in February 2012.

Following a successful career as an actor and award-winning director of film and digital media productions, Steve became an academic in 1991. He quickly established an international reputation for his research in the use of media and computing technologies in the performing arts.

His seminal, 800 page book, Digital Performance is recognised as the most comprehensive scholarly work on the subject and won international awards including the Association of American Publishers Award for Excellence in Music and the Performing Arts.

He has an accomplished record as a strategic and visionary leader. Prior to LASALLE he was Head of the School of Arts, then Pro Vice Chancellor at Brunel University, London.


For the past four decades, Stelarc has interrogated the aesthetics, the ethics, and the engineering of robotics, virtual systems and biotechnology to explore alternate interfaces with the human body, generating concepts of the future that can be contested, critically examined and possibly appropriated. Stelarc will give a lecture about his work, which forms a key part of the exhibition, HUMAN+.


Stelarc explores alternate anatomical architectures, interrogating issues of agency, identity and the posthuman. He has performed with a Third Hand, a Stomach Sculpture and Exoskeleton, a six-legged walking robot. Fractal Flesh, Ping Body and Parasite are internet performances that explore remote and involuntary choreography. He is surgically constructing and stem-cell growing an ear on his arm that will be internet enabled. In 1996 he was made an Honorary Professor of Art and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and in 2002 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws by Monash University, Melbourne. In 2010 was awarded the Ars Electronica Hybrid Arts Prize. In 2015 he received the Australia Council’s Emerging and Experimental Arts Award. In 2016 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Ionian University, Corfu. Stelarc is currently a Distinguished Research Fellow, School of Design and Art, Curtin University. His artwork is represented by Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne.

Three of Stelarc’s recent performance artworks are presented in HUMAN+: Propel: Body on Robot Arm (2015), Rewired / Remixed: Event for Dismembered Body (2016), and Stickman (2017). Also on show is documentation of the Extra Ear project, made by artist Nina Sellars.

Presented in partnership with LASALLE College of the Arts and Curtin University.

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Conversations: Future Sapiens


Saturday, 20 May | 11:00am – 6:00pm

Expression Gallery, Level 4

Free on a first-come-first-served basis. Register at the lobby.

What do we mean when we talk about enhancement and what are the potential future trajectories of our species? What makes us human in an age of science and how do new technologies challenge our understanding of what it is to be human? Unfolding across a series of talks linking ideas, artworks and experiments in Human+ The Future of Our Species, Conversations invites you to contemplate the different dimensions, societal costs and unintended consequences of human enhancement.

Speakers include Artist Agatha Haines, Art theorist and Curator, Gunalan Nadarajan, Designer and Lecturer at Goldsmiths University of London, Jimmy Loizeau, Artist and Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Louis-Philippe Demers, Artist and Director of SymbioticA, Oron Catts, Assistant Head of Prosthetics & Orthotics Service, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Trevor Binedell and more.  

Held in conjunction with the opening of Human+ The Future of Our Species.

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Conversations: You Are The Universe


Sat, 1 Apr | 2pm

Expression Gallery, Level 4

Turn your imagination to the cosmos and join us in this Conversations event to explore the universe from the perspectives of art history, cultural history and science. Ponder about our existence, the trajectory of our dreams and interpretations of the universe, and the future of humanity.

Held in conjunction with the opening of The Universe and Art.

Conversations: Open Wide Wilderness


11 Feb | 2.00pm – 4.00pm

ArtScience Museum, Inspiration/Expression Gallery, Level 4

Connections between technology and art with nature have become increasingly inextricable. In the reimagining and renegotiation of our relationship with the natural world, new technology is humanised and embraced as an opportunity to unite environments through art for social change.

This edition of Conversations celebrates the launch of the museum’s latest permanent development Into the Wild: An Immersive Virtual Adventure. It brings together technology creatives and sustainability leaders of this project as they envision the interconnectedness of nature, digital technologies, art and humanity, and how this can lead to an onward and upward movement to the future. Speakers include Brian Gothong Tan (Commissioned Artist for Into The Wild), Miguel de Andrés-Clavera (Head of Creative Technology, Asia Pacific at Google), Sunarto (Wildlife Ecologist, World Wide Fund for Nature - Indonesia), Kevin Teng (Executive Director of Sustainability at Marina Bay Sands), moderated by Honor Harger (Executive Director of ArtScience Museum).


The Race To The Next 4 Billion


14 Feb | 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

For the first time in Singapore, engage with Dr Dava Newman, Deputy Administrator, NASA and Dr David Oh, Project Systems Engineer & Former Lead Flight Director, Curiosity Mars Rover, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). They will share insights on NASA’s mission to Mars and how the scientific explorations of the JPL missions have changed our understanding of the solar system. Dr Newman and Dr Oh will also discuss the impact of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAMd) education and NASA’s newest Discovery Mission: Psyche, Journey to a Metal World will reach new frontiers.

This special panel discussion is hosted by ArtScience Museum in partnership with EmTech Asia and NASA. EmTech Asia takes place from 14 – 15 February 2017 at Marina Bay Sands. The event examines the emerging technologies with the greatest potential to change our lives, including robotics, artificial intelligence, genome editing, cybersecurity, virtual reality and space tech.


As part of Art and Science of Space Season

21 Jan | 2pm – 3.30pm

As part of the Art and Science of Space season and in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Space Race, hear from prominent industry leaders as they share about their experiences in the aviation industry, advancements in aerospace innovation, and the future of human spaceflight beyond Earth.

Laurence Chin, Country Manager at United Airlines, shares some of his personal experiences working for United Airlines, a pioneer passenger carrier that has been at the forefront of innovation in the aviation industry. Hear about his impressions and memories from key moments in aviation history, and his reflection on how a significant encounter with aerospace technologies changed the course of his life.

As manned missions to Mars become closer to reality than ever, Robert (Bob) Gagne, Director at Boeing Defense Space & Security, brings exciting insights on pioneering next steps in space exploration. Learn about Boeing’s involvement in NASA’s Space Launch System, the most powerful rocket ever built for a new era of exploration beyond Earth's orbit into deep space, and be inspired by research projects benefiting humanity.



·         Welcome and introduction by Anita Kapoor, Television Host and Emcee

·         Laurence Chin, Country Manager at United Airlines

·         Robert (Bob) Gagne, Country Director, Global Sales at Boeing Defense, Space & Security

·         Q & A


As part of Art and Science of Space Season

Sat – Sun, 21 & 22 Jan | 11.30am

Join us for a unique chance to hear Indonesian artist, Venzha Christ, as he shares what triggered his fascination with space, how art has enabled him to express his curiosity and how he is reaching out to deep space from Earth. You may also wish to check out his art installation, Indonesia Space Science Society, which is an addition to the exhibition, NASA – A Human Adventure. This artwork presents radio waves from space, sent and collected through self-made radio antennae gathering precise data from astronomical objects in space.

Complimentary to ticket-holders of NASA - A Human Adventure

NASA – A Human Adventure at ArtScient Museum


Saturday, 19 Nov | 2pm

Moderated by Adam Lyle, Executive Chairman at Padang & Co

Opening our blockbuster exhibition, NASA – A Human Adventure, is a riveting Conversations edition surrounding humanity’s journey of space exploration. Discover how the human journey to space has progressed and transformed through this sharing by scientists, astronauts and space crusaders as we anticipate space travel in the near future. Featuring leading voices within the Southeast Asian space industry, speaking about regional efforts to explore space:

- Bidushi Bhattacharya is a Singaporean rocket scientist who has worked in spacecraft development and operations. She will speak about using space technology for good.
- Lynette Tan will talk about the Singapore Space & Technology Association.
- Izmir Yamin will talk about his pioneering plan to send a rover to the Moon, from Malaysia.
- Venzha Christ from The House Of Natural Fiber will talk about the Indonesian Space Sciences Society.

Join us for this edition of Conversations as we talk about dreaming of space and reaching the dream space!

2pm Welcome by Honor Harger
Executive Director, ArtScience Museum
2.05pm Introduction to the Conference by Adam Lyle
Executive Chairman of Padang & Co
2.10pm Jukka Nurminen
Curator, NASA – A Human Adventure
2.30pm Venzha Christ 
Artist, Indonesian Space Science Society
2.50pm Dr Bidushi Bhattacharya
Founder and CEO, Bhattacharya Space Enterprises
3.10pm Q&A
3.25pm Break
3.45pm Welcome back by Adam Lyle
3.50pm Izmir Yamin
Founder and Chief Executive, Independence-X Aerospace and Pulsar UAV
4.10pm Lynette Tan
Director, Singapore Space & Technology Association (SSTA)
4.30pm Carter Emmart 
Director of Astrovisualization, American Museum of Natural History
4.50pm Q&A
5.10pm End
Conversations at ArtScience Museum


Saturday, 24 Sep | 2pm

A visionary of his time, M.C. Escher saw the world differently. His works reflected a whimsical nature that delved into minute details, creating new perspectives that make us relook the world around us. Join us at Conversations: A Very Serious Game where we explore the game of art and mathematics and how Escher's practice resonates with artists, computer programmers and mathematicians today. 

Speakers include Federico Giudiceandrea , Curator of ‘Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder’, Dr Sai Kit Yeung, Assistant Professor of Vision, Graphics and Computational Design (VGD) Group in SUTD, Angela Liong, co-founder and Artistic Director of ARTS FISSION, Richard Hassell, artist and founding director of WOHA Architects and Maria Kozhevnikov, Associate Professor of Psychology at NUS, moderated by Honor Harger.

Line up:
2.00pm Introduction by Honor Harger, Executive Director, ArtScience Museum
2.10pm Dr Federico Giudiceandrea, Curator 
2.25pm Richard Hassell, Founding Director, WOHA 
2.45pm Q&A 
3.00pm Break 
3.10pm Dr Sai Kit Yeung, Assistant Professor, Vision, Graphics and Computational Design (VGD) Group, SUTD
3.30pm Angela Liong, Artistic Director, The Arts Fission Company
3.50pm Dr Maria Kozhevnikov, Associate Professor, NUS Department of Psychology
4.10pm Q&A 
4.25pm End

Conversations at ArtScience Museum


Saturday, 21 May | 2pm

Are you ready for the era of Big Data? Join us as we discuss and investigate the route that Big Data has taken, and how this affects the way information is communicated, shared and used in our digital age.

Conversations at ArtScience Museum


Saturday, 23 Apr | 2pm

Join us for a series of illuminating presentations about the gemology and artistry behind our new exhibition Van Cleef & Arpels, The Art & Science of Gems. With anecdotes and insights from Van Cleef and Arpels President and CEO Nicolas Bos, Heritage Director Catherine Cariou and French National Museum of Natural History President Professor Bruno David amongst others.

Conversations at ArtScience Museum


Saturday, 12 Mar | 2pm–4:30pm

Digital technology expands the experience with art, and digital art creates new relationships between people. Celebrate the launch of the museum’s permanent exhibition at this talk that investigates the work of a new generation of ultratechnologists and digital creatives and how these initiatives manifest for Singapore. Join teamLab’s Toshiyuki Inoko, in conversation with gallerist Ikkan Sanada and iLight Marina Bay’s co-curator Randy Chan.

Conversations at ArtScience Museum



Saturday, 27 Feb | 10:45am–11:10am

As we look toward the future, where do we go beyond present gaps surrounding art and technology.


Saturday, 27 Feb | 11:15am–12:30pm

This panel opens up a dialogue on the institutional gaps in society, technology, economical systems, education, arts and culture.



Saturday, 27 Feb | 1:15pm–2:30pm

This panel opens a discussion on curatorial practices, concerns and challenges in digital art, from the perspective of Southeast Asian curators. Where are the interstices of art, culture and digital in Southeast Asia?


Sunday, 28 Feb | 11:00am–11:30am

Nathaniel Stern will discuss frameworks for moving-thinking feeling with interactive art, and show, through specific works, how such experiences have us practise and relate anew in our on-going activities.


Sunday, 28 Feb | 11:40am–12.00pm

Discover the interstices in art, gender and technology from an anecdotal essay by LIA.

Conversations at ArtScience Museum


Saturday – 30 Jan | 2pm–3pm

Esteemed experimental particle physicist Dr Peter Jenni sheds light on the world of ATLAS at CERN and takes us on the journey culminating in the discovery of the Higgs boson.