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Waku Ghin Roasted Scampi Seasoned with Tea

Redefine your dining experience at Marina Bay Sands as our Celebrity Chef Restaurants present you with their own masterful culinary creations to delight your palate.

Fatt Choi Steam Boat

Explore the diverse world of Chinese cuisine featuring the many different styles that represent China's rich history.

Sky on 57 Food

Cuisine combining the flavours of cross-cultural Asian traditions and Western influences.

Japanese Ramen

Japanese food is based on rice, noodles, miso soup, and fish with emphasis on seasonal ingrediants. Other Japanese delights inlcude sushi, fried dumplings and ramen soup.

Cooking Indian Cuisine

Enjoy dishes made with spices and herbs that focus on Indian cuisine from the North West Frontier Province.

American Grills

From the North American steakhouse to the South American churrascaria, these pick of restaurants cater to the meat lovers and connoisseurs.

Italian Noodles

With influences from Italy and New York enjoy rich and heavenly pastas, traditional wood burning pizzas and even nouveau Italian cuisine at our Italian restaurants.

Antipasto in db Bistro

Spotlighting seasonal produce and ‘Cuisine Classique’, French dishes that are reinterpreted with an American influence.

Buffet in Marina Bay Sands

Find a smorgasbord of culinary delights in our buffet style restaurants. Choose from impressive international selections or fresh all you can eat seafood and sushi.

Local Food Court in Marina Bay Sands

Enjoy the variety of the local cuisine of Singapore and surrounding countries in the Hawker style food courts or traditional style restaurants.

Handmade Coffer in Trung Nguyen

Indulge in some casual dining delights, enjoy some sweet treats and coffee or a refreshing cocktail in our cafe and bistro style restaurants.

Halal-certified Restaurants in Marina Bay Sands

With such a huge variety of food available in Singapore, Halal food is never far away. Check out the Halal-certified restaurants available in Marina Bay Sands.

Private Dining room

We can create a memorable dining experience at Marina Bay Sands whether for business or pleasure. Relax in the comfort of an intimate space, complemented with excellent menu selections and personalised service.