Bread Street Kitchen's Bacardi Legacy Finalist Adonis ReyesBread Street Kitchen's Bacardi Legacy Finalist Adonis Reyes


Meet Adonis ReyesBread Street Kitchen's rising star bartender who's been chosen from among over 60 applicants as a Top 5 Finalist in the 2016 Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition. 

Adonis named his successful cocktail entry the Tangerro: an original creation of Bacardi Superior, housemade lemongrass syrup, egg white, fresh lime, sea salt, and chilli-mango purée.

The 27-year-old bartender drew on his Filipino heritage as inspiration for the Tangerro, explaining:

"Growing up in the Philippines, my friends and I liked to play drinking games. For one game, we'd sit in a circle with a bottle of liquor and some mangoes taken from our neighbour's backyard. After every drink, we'd eat a piece of mango dipped in chilli and salt. 

"'Tangerro' was what we called the person whose job it was to make sure that everyone in the circle got an equal amount of alcohol. Because we only had one shot glass, and it had to be filled and passed around to everyone until the bottle was gone. So you see, the 'Tangerro' had a very serious responsibility –  but the emptier the bottle got, the harder his job!

My cocktail is a tribute to those days spent creating those stories, and the memories of friendship and camaraderie."

Since arriving in Singapore eight years ago, Adonis has established new ties of friendship and camaraderie among the island's close-knit bartending community. He credits his bar manager at Bread Street Kitchen, William Pravda, with encouraging him and other colleagues to enter the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition. 

Prior to Bread Street Kitchen's opening earlier this year, Adonis was a bartender at db Bistro & Oyster Bar. His professional training ground was at Raffles Hotel's Long Bar, where he joined as an apprentice in 2007.

The annual international Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition is one of the bartending world's most prestigious events. The winner of the Singapore Finals, to be held in March 2016, will go on to compete in the Global Finals in April 2016. 

Bread Street Kitchen and all of Marina Bay Sands extend our best wishes to Adonis and the Tangerro in the upcoming Finals!