Robertson Quay and Singapore River at NightRobertson Quay and Singapore River at Night


The largest of Singapore’s three most popular quays, Robertson Quay is also the most relaxed in terms of atmosphere. It is further up the river from Boat Quay and Clarke Quay, with shady nooks, large trees, distinctive bridges, and a wide selection of dining and drinking establishments. With its unique vibe, the area has a lot to offer families and couples, and doesn't fall short on nightlife offerings either.
Robertson Quay dining at night by the water

The area started becoming busy only in the late 1800s with warehouses and boatyards constructed to support commercial activities. For a significant period in the 1990s, the most popular spot in the neighbourhood was Zouk, a mainstay in Singapore’s nightlife culture. After a redevelopment project spanning the late 1990s and early 2000s, Robertson Quay became a relaxed, low-key, family-friendly destination as well as a quiet residential neighbourhood close to the CBD.

Families will love the wide open spaces and squares around Robertson Quay. They’re perfect for kids to blow off steam while parents can keep an eye on them from a nearby café. Casual dining options abound, including Boomarang Bar & Bistro where you’ll get simple, good food and live sports telecasts. Grab some ice cream or dessert from Laurent’s Café and Chocolate Bar after dinner and stroll by the water or walk across some of Singapore’s most colourful bridges, watching the river snake by lazily.

DJ at Zouk night club

The romantic dining options are varied and charming at Robertson Quay, perfect for anyone on a honeymoon in Singapore. If oysters and champagne are your thing, head to Wharf Oyster Bar. Or check out any of the intimate little restaurants, with overhanging trees and candlelit tables that are straight out of a postcard. End the evening in style at Fine Spirits by La Maison du Whisky, where you’ll find a staggering range of whiskys, exceptional service, and even a selection of cigars.

The gorgeous little streets of Robertson Quay may suggest otherwise, but this is also the neighbourhood where the heart of Singapore’s club scene beats. Grab dinner with friends at Wine Connection to fuel up before you hit Zouk, arguably Singapore’s best-known club, and a must-do on the Asian party circuit. Zouk’s huge dance floor and unbeatable atmosphere have made it the venue of choice for top performers and international DJs. The club’s Mambo Jambo nights are an essential rite of passage for any Singaporean making a first foray into the club scene, with retro music and its own set of dance moves. 

Many decades ago, Teochew Chinese would gather around Robertson Quay at night. Storytellers would light joss sticks and tell folk tales for the duration of the stick’s burning. Today, Robertson Quay is the ideal place in Singapore to make your own stories while listening for the echoes of those from the past.