Increasing the understanding of sustainability through communication, awareness and partnerships within local communities is the foundation of the Sands ECO360° program.

Team Member Education

We want our Team Members to feel informed, engaged, and excited about sustainability, so we inspire them to both communicate our environmental values to guests and apply these values to their personal lives. In doing so, we increase Team Member motivation and morale, fostering a greater sense of connection to the company. All of this benefits our business as well as the environment. We engage our Team Members in activities designed to promote eco-awareness and further drive sustainability through a range of channels: orientation Team Member handbook department training daily pre-shift meetings bi-weekly newsletters property tours wall displays video messages sustainable product giveaways and special events.

External Communication

We communicate our progress through a variety of media, including the Sands ECO360° website, the "Greener World" section of our corporate blog: Sands Confidential, in-suite information, sustainability tours regular press releases.

Community Outreach

Our communities are home to our properties and our Team Members. Being an exemplary employer and an upstanding corporate citizen is an integral part of doing business for Marina Bay Sands.