Farms and Singapore don’t immediately seem to mix, but the truth is that there is a small but charming slice of country life in Kranji, the north-western part of the island. Driving is one of the easiest ways to get around the area, but there is also a daily shuttle bus which loops around the main farms in the area and starts at Kranji MRT station. When you’re planning your Singapore itinerary, set aside half a day at least to explore this area, or combine it with a visit to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Here, we highlight four cool things to do in Kranji countryside, and they’re suitable for the whole family!

Go to a Farmers’ Market

If you’re in Singapore at the right time, you might catch the Kranji Farmers’ Market, held every quarter. Expect lots of fresh produce from the farms in the area, but there’s also much more: dairy products, roasted meat, jams, unique blends of tea, fresh-baked bread, and wine. There’s no shortage of activities to keep kids entertained, from crafts workshops to henna painting. The atmosphere is bustling yet relaxed, and you can look forward to an impressive variety of food to sample and buy.

Get fresh at the farms

The farms in Kranji Countryside are great for buying fresh produce or just for exploring. Hay Dairies Goat Farm is Singapore’s only livestock farm and visitors can watch goats being milked, sample or purchase fresh goat milk, and stroll around the grounds. There are also vegetable and fruit farms in the area. Bollywood Veggies is one of the best-known, with gardens, play areas for kids, and a bistro which serves farm-fresh veggies to your table. Other farms in the area include the Jurong Frog Farm and Max Koi Farm; the latter is a great place to check out ornamental fish and understand the tradition and cultural significance of koi.

Explore nurseries

Kranji countryside has no shortage of nurseries. Venture deep in to discover a dazzling array of lush tropical plants, vivid flowers and even bonsai. In addition to flora, some nurseries sell gardening supplies, attractive outdoor accessories, pots, and even water features. Even if you don’t buy anything to bring back home, you can get plenty of garden inspiration from here!

Go on a heritage trail

In addition to nature, Kranji boasts some of Singapore’s important historical sites. One of them is the Kranji War Cemetery, managed by the Commonwealth Graves Commission, and the final resting place for more than 4,400 Allied servicemen who died in action during World War Two. It is also a State Cemetery with the graves of the country’s first and second Presidents. This moving memorial and cemetery is one of the top places to visit in Singapore if you are a fan of World War Two history. The surrounding areas are also the site of the Battle of Kranji and the first landing site of the Japanese army during World War Two, an offensive that led to the Fall of Singapore in 1942. 
So before you leave these sunny shores with the notion that it’s all glittering skyscrapers and plush malls, step into Kranji to experience a bit of local country living.