Have you always dreamed of seeing your name in lights? When you’re doing something mundane, do your thoughts wander to images of yourself in a spotlight, holding an audience spellbound with your singing voice or amazing instrumental skills? Do you relish the thought of being surrounded by a stadium of screaming fans while you blast out your chart-topping hits?

Becoming a rock star or a virtuoso performer is a lot of hard work, but it all starts with something very simple: a lesson. Read on and find out about how you can learn music in Singapore, with something for every taste. 

If you want to learn an instrument, consider taking lessons in places such as Studio 72, aptly located in Boat Quay with its many bars that feature live music performances nearly every night of the week. Or if you’re further out from the CBD, try the Academy of Rock, with branches in Holland Village and Siglap. At these and other music schools around Singapore, you can learn how to play guitar, bass, keyboard, and percussion, which you can use in all varieties of rock, blues, folk, pop, and country music. 

Are you an aspiring singer? Then get instruction in the techniques of pop and rock vocals that will allow you to belt out your favourite hits without damaging your voice. If you’re more of a Broadway fan, you can learn how to sing in the style required by musicals. And if you’re technologically-oriented, look for lessons that teach you how to use music software so that you can compose, arrange, record and distribute your own original songs. 

And if you feel like sitting back one night and watching someone else do the work, check out our guide to live music in Singapore, hop into a karaoke studio, or see what musicals and performances are currently playing at Marina Bay Sands.