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 22 Jul 2019  

When Singapore’s shiniest new offering – Jewel Changi Airport, an aptly named gem – opened on 17 April this year, the crowds descended, determined to see the world’s tallest indoor waterfall: the Rain Vortex.

Beyond, the nature-themed entertainment complex charms first with its intricate architecture; a feat of art unto itself.

In fact, Jewel’s impressive structure – which some have likened to a supersized Gardens by the Bay, except without the Supertrees – was conceived by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie, the brains behind Marina Bay Sands’ three iconic hotel towers. Three will soon become four, with Safdie Architects slated to construct an additional standalone tower for Marina Bay Sands; one that will house a music arena, yet more hotel rooms, and a second Infinity Pool. 

While we await the impending opening of the fourth tower – a good few years away, given no dates have been disclosed – these are some of the best things to do at Jewel Changi Airport. After, make for the Marina Bay area, where yet more entertainment awaits. 

Shiseido Forest Valley

Shiseido Forest Valley

Set within Jewel Changi Airport is the Shiseido Forest Valley, a four-storey indoor maze of a garden replete with walking trails that can be leisurely covered in roughly 30 minutes each. Come evening, the behemoth of a centerpiece that is the Rain Vortex comes alive in Resonating Forest and Resonating Trees, colour-changing exhibits that respond to movement. Both works were dreamed up by Japanese collective teamLab – the same folks behind interactive installation Digital Light Canvas and perma-exhibition Future World.

As impossible as it may be to take in the over 60,000 shrubs and over 900 palms and trees on display in the Forest Valley, you’ll want to extend your exploration at Gardens by the Bay. Located steps from Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum, the Gardens’ star attractions include its cooled domed conservatories and Supertrees.

Canopy Park

Manulife Sky Nets
While we’re on the topic of star attractions, spread across the topmost level of Jewel Changi is the Canopy Park. For S$5 (or S$4.50, if you're a Singapore resident), you’ll enjoy access to four zones including the Topiary Garden – one that’s dressed in verdant greenery and handsomely sculpted plants. Better yet if you’ve little ones in tow: the shiny, oversized Discovery Slides, seasonal Petal Garden adorned with technicolour blooms and mist-puffing Foggy Bowls will keep them well-entertained.

Meantime, access to other attractions – the Manulife Sky Nets, Canopy Bridge, Hedge Maze and Mirror Maze – are ticketed, starting at S$7.20. 

Come dusk, make for Spectraat Marina Bay Sands. The free nightly water show is a crowd-pleasing doozy; a synchronised show of twirling fountain jets and visual projections set to an orchestral soundtrack.

Pokémon Centre

Pokemon Centre
At long last, the first Pokémon Centre outside of Japan has opened – and in Singapore, no less. While you’ll find everything from Pikachu figurines to stationery and nanoblocks, it’s the excitement surrounding the Pikachu-Lapras series that embodies the true spirit of Pokémon collectors.

So in-demand is Lapras that a giant plush made in its likeness sold out almost immediately in Japan upon release – despite the toy’s hefty S$997 price point. The Pokémon was also recently named Official Tourism Ambassador for Japan’s Miyagi prefecture, though we reckon the story behind Singapore’s mythical Merlion is equally fascinating.

Indulge in art

 Two giant installations hover in Jewel Changi, their suspended forms equally dramatic. Draped across a section of Jewel Changi is Crystal Clouds, an installation by Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot that reacts to Singapore’s weather patterns with dynamic lighting and thousands of illuminating crystals.

Then there’s Singaporean artist Eng Tow’s contemplative Grains of Thought, featuring bronzed sculptures that are in fact oversized rice grains – a piece that encourages quiet introspection in viewers.

Starbucks Reserve

starbucks reserve
Love it or loathe it, the American coffee conglomerate’s earned millions of fans thanks to its trademarked Frappuccino beverages and paraphernalia. It’s clear Starbucks is now determined to draw a finer crowd; specifically, self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs and aficionados who shun coffee-flavoured drinks in favour of fresh roasts, region-specific beans and pour over coffee.

Its answer is in Starbucks Reserve, which strips coffee back to its purest form by sourcing for beans from family-run farms and pioneering co-ops – before ageing and roasting them in-house. Much like in Jewel Changi, you’ll find a similar experience at Marina Bay Sands’ Starbucks Reserve, where small-batch, single-origin roasts are bloomed, brewed and siphoned.

Getting to Jewel Changi Airport

taxi singapore
Getting to Jewel Changi Airport is easy. If you're on a budget or would like to see Singapore's many shapes and parts, hop on a train to get to the iconic attraction. 

Public/private transport options

By train
East-West (Green) Line: Take a train to Tanah Merah, then alight and cross the platform for your connecting train to Changi Airport station, located at Terminal 3.

Downtown (Blue) Line: Take a train to Expo station, then transfer to the East-West (Green) Line toward Changi Airport station, located at Terminal 3. 

Once you've alighted, follow the below instructions (under From Changi Airport) to get to Jewel Changi. 

By bus 
Bus services 24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 110 and 858 stop at the Terminal 1 bus bay. From there, follow the signs to access Jewel. 

By private car/taxi
It's a 20-min drive from the city centre via East Coast Parkway (ECP). 

Within Changi Airport

Terminal 1 (T1)
Jewel Changi is connected to the Arrival Hall (L1) of Terminal 1 – just follow the signage. 

Terminal 2 (T2)
From the Departure Hall (L2) of Terminal 2 (near Row 1), access the link bridge. It's a five- to ten-minute walk to Jewel Changi from there. 

Terminal 3 (T3)
From the Departure Hall (L2) of Terminal 3 (near Row 11), access the link bridge. It's a five- to ten-minute walk to Jewel Changi from there. 

Terminal 4 (T4)
A free airport shuttle bus service plies the route between the T4 Arrival Hall (L1, opp Raffles Medical Clinic) and T2 Arrival Hall. From there, make for the Departure Hall (L2) near Row 11 to access the link bridge.

Shuttle buses leave every 10 mins from 5.30am - 12am, and every 20 mins from 12am - 5.30am. 

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