The Wildflowers of Singapore

With activities grinding to a halt during the circuit breaker, nature reclaimed its space with wildflowers sprouting all over the city. As Singapore begins a phased approach to resuming activities safely, take a nice stroll outside and notice the bountiful flora all around you. 

Here are some wildflowers you may have spotted in your neighbourhood: 

Morning Glory (Ipomoea Indica Merr)

Did you know that the Morning Glory’s name is literally derived from the fact that their flowers only bloom in the morning? Typically found in disturbed and poorly drained areas, the Morning Glory plant stands tall, creeping and climbing up to 5 metres. 

Fun Fact: In Chinese folklore, the Morning Glory flower is a symbol of love and represents two lovers who always meet on one special day every year. 

Yellow Creeping Daisy (Sphagneticola trilobata)

Also called the “Singapore Daisy”, the Yellow Creeping Daisy was initially grown as a decorative shrub. However, it has since been considered to be among the world’s most invasive species as it readily escapes from cultivation, crowding out ground space for other species. 

Fun Fact: Due to its rapid growth and difficulty of eradication, the growing of Yellow Creeping Daisy is restricted in countries like Australia. 

Touch-me-nots (Mimosa Pudica) 

An all-time favourite of young children, the Touch-me-nots’ best known feature is its ability to shrink its leaves when touched. Scientists believe that the folding of its leaves is a way to fend off predators and undesired insects. Touch-Me-Nots also produce pink or purple globular flower heads to attract insects for pollination. 

Fun Fact: The speed at which the Touch-me-nots’ leaves close is dependent on how much force is used to hit it. Try flicking the plant with your finger and compare its reaction to a gentle touch! But be careful not to flick it too hard, or else you’ll damage this precious beauty! 

Beggar’s Tick (Bidens Pilosa)

While the Beggar’s Tick prefers temperatures between 15°C and 45°C, it is tolerant to frosts and has roots capable of withstanding and regenerating at temperatures as low as -15°C. It can grow up to 100 centimetres tall, though the plant can often flower, seed and then die when much smaller.

Fun Fact: Despite being considered a weed, the Beggar’s Tick is gathered from the wild and used as food and medicine in parts of Africa.

Chinese Violet (Asystasia Gangetica)

With its blooming flowers and white petals which carry a tint of purple, this wildflower is often spotted in Singapore. In fact, its flower is intricately designed for insect pollination, with the purple-coloured area being a prominent landing spot for butterflies and bees. The flower is sufficiently large to fit a honeybee for it to extract nectar. 

Fun Fact: As it smothers other ground plants and displaces vegetation, the Chinese Violet has been targeted for eradication in New South Wales, Australia. 


The blooming wildflowers in Singapore have indeed put a smile on many of our faces. Like these flowers, the herbs in our RISE Herb Garden have also been flourishing during this period. Measuring 170 square metres, over 100 edible plants are specially grown, nurtured and harvested in this lush garden for our guests at our restaurants to enjoy.

While the trimming of grass verges will soon be stepped up, we can still take this opportunity to appreciate nature all around us – be it wildflowers, trees, or your home-grown herbs! 

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Even during these extraordinary times, let us continue to bring happiness and inspiration into your homes.