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Act I: Arrival

John Akomfrah, Purple, 2017, 6 channel HD colour video installation with 15.1 surround sound, production still. Image courtesy of Smoking Dogs Films and Lisson Gallery. Photography by Justin Piperger.

This is a story of a possible future.

The exhibition 2219: Futures Imagined begins in the year 2019, when the repercussions of environmental degradation were increasingly being felt. Governments were making efforts to slow the effects of an impending climate calamity, but to little effect. The Singapore Government addressed the issue of climate change in its 2019 National Day Rally, prompting a three-pronged approach to tackling climate change — understand, mitigate and adapt.

In the years immediately following 2019, the world continued to undergo extensive change. Whilst technological advancements made the lives of some in society more convenient and interconnected, the earth’s resources were being exploited beyond their capacity. Humanity’s destructive power over the planet, and its apparent indifference to this grave situation, ushered in an ecological crisis which profoundly affected the course of Singapore’s future.

2019 is remembered as the year of its arrival.

List of artists:
John Akomfrah