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Act V: Memory

Larry Achiampong (UK), Relic Traveller 0, 1 and 2 (2017 – 2019), 4K video installation, sound, production still.

Here and now, as the 23rd century begins and after a long period of humanity’s absence, the environment on the surface of the Earth has begun a process of regeneration. As populations return to the surface, many cultures are beginning to find unusual and surprising archeological objects that were once left behind. As historical relics are recovered and their meanings deciphered, stories passed down through generations are starting to make sense again. In many places around the world, these artifacts are the foundations upon which society is being rebuilt.

In 2219 as Singapore prepares to commemorate 400 years of national history — its Quadricentennial — it is rediscovering the strength of its own collective memory. Traditions that endured through the worst years of ecological calamity — ancestral customs, domestic crafts and rituals — are being practised again. It has become clear that what endures through the centuries is not technology and infrastructure, but cultural traditions that survive by being passed down from one family generation to another.

The stories we tell, the art we make, the prayers we offer, the rituals we repeat — these are the intimate legacies of our past, which we take with us into our future.

List of artists:
Adeline Kueh, Amanda Heng, Yanyun Chen, Larry Achiampong, Priyageetha Dia, Shan Hur, Zarina Muhammad

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