Prudential Eye Zone at START in the Saatchi GalleryPrudential Eye Zone at START in the Saatchi Gallery

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10 - 13 September 2015

ArtScience Museum is proud to be partnered on the presentation of a selection of the most innovative contemporary art from Prudential Singapore Eye and the Prudential Eye Awards at the second edition of START at Saatchi Gallery in London.

START, which will be held from 10 - 13 September 2015, aims to shine a spotlight on emerging artists and new art scenes. The presentation of artists from Singapore in London is a perfect way of celebrating the talent of outstanding artists from Singapore, during the country's 50th Jubilee. Two of the artists who showed during the 2015 Prudential Eye Awards exhibition, teamLab and Chim↑Pom, are also presenting major new artworks at START. These exhibitions, collectively, showcase of how exciting contemporary art in Asia is today, and the range of work being presented is emblematic of ArtScience Museum's role to explore the intersection of arts, science and technology.

A curated selection of artworks from the successful Prudential Singapore Eye exhibition, previously held at ArtScience Museum, will be featured at the Prudential Eye Zone at START. Framed and composed to reflect Singapore’s urban context, the works in the Prudential Eye Zone range across various media, including painting, installation and photography. The line-up includes Charles Lim, who is Singapore’s representative at the current Venice Biennale. Other works on display include large-scale interactive installations, such as Lee Wen’s iconic Ping Pong Go-Round, one of the most well-known examples of recent Singaporean art, which invites viewers to interact with one another through play. Works by artists, such as Jane Lee, respond to the language of abstraction, focusing on the transformation of the surface of a painting, and where the evocation of mood takes precedence. Jeremy Sharma's work, in contrast, takes science as its inspiration, and captures energy from distant stars known as pulsars, observed by radio astronomers, and transforms this energy into the materiality of sculpture. Together the works on display offer an insight into this exciting new art scene.

The full list of artists on show are: Lee Wen, Chia Ming Chien, Justin Loke, Jeremy Sharma, Sean Lee, Jane Lee, Gerald Leow, Charles Lim, Chen Sai Hua Kuan and Donna Ong. More about the artists in the exhibition can be found here.

Exhibiting alongside Prudential Eye Zone at START are the works of Chim↑Pom and teamLab from Japan. Chim↑Pom (winner) and teamLab (nominee) showcased their artworks at ArtScience Museum earlier this year as part of the Prudential Eye Awards 2015, which honours outstanding art practice from across Asia. These two exceptional art collectives represent the dynamism of contemporary art practice in Asia.

Flutter of Butterflies by teamLab


teamLab's installation in START Projects is an extraordinary interactive immersive environment, which includes three individual works, Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – A Whole Year, Dark; Ever Blossoming Life II – Dark; and Flutter of Butterflies beyond Borders.

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SUPER RAT by Chim↑Pom


Chim↑Pom (Ushiro Ryuta, Hayashi Yasutaka, Ellie, Okada Masataka, Inaoka Motomu and Mizuno Toshinori) are presenting an exhibition which conveys strong messages about society, whilst being imbued with humour, wit and melancholy.

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SEA STATE 3: adrift, aground by Charles Lim (Future Perfect)
Bottles and Fans by Chen Sai Hua Kuan
Wires - Chaos #3 by Chia Ming Chian
The Meeting by Donna Ong
The Decline of the Western Civilisation by Gerald Leow
Turned Out I by Jane Lee
Lilith by Jeremy Sharma (Michael Janssen Gallery)
Lady Lyndon in Tub by Justin Loke (RKFA SG)
Ping Pong Go-Round by Lee Wen (iPreciation)
Shauna Series 038 by Sean Lee