Back by popular demand, we reintroduce two works in the uplifting recreational Park.
In Park, you are invited to appreciate 'play' as an essential part of human life. Visitors of all ages can learn and play using a combination of physical activity and digital technology.

Credit: teamLab

Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses

Design your own customised hopscotch game in this unique installation. Arrange circles, triangles and squares on an electronic tablet, which are then projected onto the floor. When you expertly land on the same shapes in succession, you'll trigger off beautiful colours and sounds that reverbrate throughout the space.

Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses is a fun game of discovery that tests the skills and imagination for all ages. Special connections exist between the shapes – you'll have to practice playing the game to learn what they are!

Light Ball Orchestra

Beachball-sized globes of multicoloured light and sound are your instruments in this electrifying, one-of-a-kind orchestra. Touch any ball to change the colour and sound of the balls around it, creating a resonating effect throughout this dazzling environment.

Enjoy creating a playful and dynamic space with other visitors, as their participation with the Light Ball Orchestra sends out ripples in different directions to interact with yours. Work together by pushing, bouncing and rolling the balls to continuously change the composition, color and sound of the orchestra.

Credit: teamLab
Credit: teamLab

Sketch Town

This installation is a depiction of a fictitious town, based on Singapore that includes recognizable landmarks, such as, ArtScience Museum, the Merlion and the Singapore Flyer. Use crayons and paper to draw a building, a car, or a plane for Sketch Town. See how your urban design becomes part of a vast projected city, which you can physically interact with through touch and movement, bringing the town to life. Touch a car, for example, and it will speed up, or change direction.

Story of the Time When Gods Were Everywhere

In this interactive digitally projected world, visitors of all ages can create their own environment by touching Kanji characters, which then transform into natural elements such as wind, rain, trees and mountains. 
Credit: teamLab