Lofty Ambitions

Sitting high atop Marina Bay Sands is Club55, a veritable institution in Singapore with its enthralling views of Marina Bay, the city skyline and even the Singapore Strait from 55 storeys up.

Elevating the guest experience even more is Flights of Fancy, the restaurant’s bespoke cocktail programme that pairs a wide selection of beverages, including red and white wines, beer and even sake, to food. “It’s very different from what many others offer, mainly because of the variety,” says Senior Manager Yvonne Gomez.

The “Flights” and the “Fancies” are served on customised placemats and arranged in order of taste intensity, from the light-bodied wines on the left to the full-bodied wines on the right, with notes that introduce the drinks, their origins, complexities and influences.

The food pairings, or petits plats, are sized between tapas and canapés. “We wanted the food to be a fun combination, something flavourful that will enhance the experience,” says Executive Chef Brian Cleere. Asian flavours have also been added to the selection, so you can expect Chicken Satay in Les Blancs, the white wine Flight, and Vegetarian Maki Roll in Sparkling Jewels, the champagne Flight.

Flights of Fancy kicks off from 8pm. The alcohol servings come in groups of three—enough to give you a buzz. Paired with the petit plats, they constitute a light dinner. There are even vegetarian choices and a Mocktail Tasting Flight for teetotallers.

Club55 is located at Hotel Tower 2, L55
Tel: (65) 6688 8858