Why You Should Add Philipp Plein’s Latest Collection To Your Wardrobe

Ensembles decked in serious bling and a whole lot of rock ‘n’ roll are the calling card of German designer Philipp Plein. The Munich-born Plein, who opened his first flagship store in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands last August, recently unveiled a new project with Mirko Baldini, better known as Mirko Koro—one of the top airbrush artists in Europe—to take your already statement-making Plein gear to one-of-a-kind status. We detail the details behind their partnership.

A long-standing working relationship

The duo met eight years ago when Plein, who owns a Harley-Davidson, commissioned Koro to design a helmet—the two have worked together since. “After eight years collaborating on many different projects, Mirko gets my vision and he is able to transform my ideas in drawings and colours,” Plein explained when asked if it was easier to work with someone who shared his design philosophy.

Koro can customise any item from Philipp Plein

Want your name sprayed across your distressed jeans or your favourite animal airbrushed on your neon-coloured Philipp Plein bag? For his live custom sessions at Philipp Plein, Koro wowed the audience with his airbrushing technique, which Plein calls “very precise yet fast… he is able to draw on literally everything.” Leather is the most popular item for custom-spraying, although Koro is proficient with other surfaces and materials. Naturally, Plein is one of his biggest fans: “My favourite customisations are designs for my leather jackets because a custom piece instantly becomes iconic.”

Airbrushing since the ‘90s

Koro has been working as an aerographer or airbrush specialist since 1993. He opened his creative studio, Koro Design, in 1995, and it is still one of the leaders in the Italian creative industry today. His resume is also impressive—besides Plein, he has worked with brands and designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Galliano and Versace.

Opposites Attract

Both Plein and Koro obviously share the design philosophies, but will the flamboyant German ever collaborate with someone with a design sense that is his polar opposite? “I believe that when two very different visions merge on a unique project, it can bring a great outcome. When it comes to fashion, I have a certain vision, but… never say never!”