Check Out The Best Kids’ Menus In Singapore

With millennial parents exposing their children to different kinds of food from a much younger age, and with the ever-growing influence of globalisation, travel and social media, kids’ menus these days are becoming more ambitious to cater to more sophisticated palates. We present the Marina Bay Sands restaurants shaking up the kids’ menu game in Singapore.

Bread Street Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen serves “classic, simple dishes that are executed well with high-quality ingredients”, said general manager Manu Gandotra. The same principles apply to its kids’ menu.

The best-selling fish and chips is the same as the adult version, but in a smaller serving and with a tweaked batter without the beer. It features delectable hoki or lingcod from New Zealand—no frozen fish sticks here. Other dishes popular with youngsters are the fried chicken wings with barbecue sauce and the milkshakes crafted with fresh, house-made soft-serve ice cream.

The kids’ menu itself is printed on an orange envelope, which also houses a child-sized chef’s hat, colouring book and various puzzles. “It is a complete pack to keep the kids busy and entertained while their parents enjoy their meal,” said Gandotra.

Db Bistro & Oyster Bar

Daniel Boulud’s award-winning Db Bistro & Oyster Bar also serves young diners the very same dishes the adults enjoy, but in smaller portions. This means cuisine using the freshest seasonal ingredients, prepared with classic French techniques.

The Yankee Burger, Tasmanian Sea Trout and Filet Mignon are exactly the same as for the adults, only miniaturised and with lighter seasoning. General manager Balthazar Pellisier said that kids’ dishes are also served with at least one vegetable for extra nutrition.

According to Pellisier, the restaurant seeks to offer young guests “the same presentation, ingredients and attention to detail as their parents” to make them feel as “special and welcome” as their parents.


Modern Asian restaurant RISE is popular among families for its extensive buffet spread. Sushi and sashimi, roast meats, cheeses, cold cuts, salads, Singaporean favourites and various desserts—from homemade ice cream to cakes and even a chocolate fountain—are available here.

“It can be a challenge for some parents when it comes to mealtimes, but it’s a little easier when you have so many dishes to choose from,” said executive chef Dwayne Emuang. A big plus is the fact that children aged under six dine for free here. Kids can also take a tour of the herb garden to see the plants that are grown and harvested for use in their dishes.

Emuang singled out the salt-baked barramundi and the chocolate fountain as top draws for families and youngsters. The former is extremely moist, with tasty flesh that flakes apart at the touch of a fork. And as for the latter, which child—or adult—can resist dipping treats into warm, gooey chocolate?


Yardbird Southern Table & Bar’s Waterfront Promenade setting is just right for picturesque family gatherings. Throw the restaurant’s traditional American flavours and farm-fresh ingredients into the mix, and you have a successful recipe for a weekend family meal.

Dishes popular with diners of all ages include the best-selling Chicken ‘n’ Watermelon ‘n’ Waffles and the rainbow-hued, Instagram-worthy Funfetti Pancakes. A dedicated kids’ menu features items that are immediately recognisable to youngsters, says executive chef Leonard Delgado: these are “kid-friendly items that children often ask for by name”.

These kids’ dishes are anything but juvenile. The crispy chicken drumstick is served with French fries and buttermilk ranch dressing for a tangy touch that will excite young taste buds. Similarly, the Little Burger features a tasty patty made with short rib, brisket and chuck, and the Macaroni & Cheese is crafted with a mélange of artisanal cheeses (no processed slices here) and an herb crust baked to crispy perfection.

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Featuring anything from cake slices and lollipops to chocolate pearls, rock candy, peanut butter cups, whipped cream and cotton candy, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer’s massive CrazyShakes are a top draw for young diners.

“Kids are first amazed by their size and how they look,” said Black Tap founder Chris Barish. “Then they taste them and can’t get enough. It’s a great indulgent treat and perfect for birthdays.”

Barish added that restaurant’s whole menu is essentially kid-friendly. “The All-American burger is classic and simple for picky palates,” he said. “While it is simple, it is flavourful and made with high-quality ingredients. And chicken tenders are always a hit!”