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Many businesses in Singapore conduct team-building activities or go on retreats to regroup. While there are plenty of companies that offer these services, with some quick research you can arrange one yourself, or get a really good deal through a provider. Best of all, you don’t need to wander far from the city to enjoy an activity-packed retreat.
Kite flying

For starters, consider an outdoor team-building activity, in the heart of Singapore. Despite Singapore's reputation as an urban jungle, Marina Bay has plenty of green spots and open walkways by the river for groups of people to congregate.

Marina Barrage, next to Marina Bay Sands, is a favourite spot for kite-flying, and kite-fighting. Your group can split into teams and have a great time in the middle of Singapore’s business district, flying kites and racking up points.

If you have fit and active people in your group, another option is to bring along a few footballs and enjoy working up a sweat with some games of soccer or touch rugby. Inexpensive and fun!

Gardens by the Bay

For a more exploratory activity, the Gardens by the Bay offers groups the chance to bond in an extraordinary and lush environment. The Gardens are rich in flora, and your team may enjoy the challenge of trying to accurately identify them before checking the signs for the correct answers.

Not all team-building activities in Singapore have to be during the day. For a different experience, bring your team to the Gardens at night and complete your activities by the glow of the Supertrees. And since there are various restaurants and bars located throughout the Gardens, you could arrange a team dinner or drinks afterward. Sharing a good meal makes a fitting reward for a job well done, and one which will bring your team closer together.

Conference Room

If you’re looking for something a bit special, why not book a room or a conference facility at Marina Bay Sands? You can arrange for business coaches to present in your conference room, giving your team a valuable day of professional upskilling. Or simply relax with a ‘suite retreat’ in a comfortable room with views of the sea or the city, then gather your team and head to the top of Marina Bay Sands for a sunset regroup.

The resort is massive and offers the perfect platform for a host of unexpected activities, from a massive hide-and-go-seek arena to a complete scavenger hunt around Marina Bay Sands. Hint: you can even get round the resort via sampan along the indoor river.

Rain Oculus in MBS

For the art and design aficionados in your team, Marina Bay Sands features plenty of art installations and design structures, and each has a story. Look up when you’re in the lobby of Tower A and figure out what that dangling mesh of silver latticework is. Want to go the extra mile? See if your team can replicate the design.

Or check out the Rain Oculus, an installation by noted artist Ned Khan. The oculus pours down collected rainwater – up to 22,000 litres per minute – to be the water source for Marina Bay Sands' indoor river. 

Within the resort, many of the buildings themselves are also worthy of consideration. See if your team can figure out any feng shui inspired layouts, or spot any organic design influences.

There’s always Pulau Ubin or East Coast Park for team-building retreats. But if you’re looking for some serious city fun close to the office, head to Marina Bay and check out Singapore’s (still secret) urban hotspot for activities that will let your team get to know one another, work better together, and have a great time.