Presenting five of teamLab's projects that are designed to engage children in learning through play, Town encourages adults and children alike to cooperate and inspire one another to meet the challenges of the urban setting as a shared space. 

Graffiti Nature

Graffiti Nature portrays an ecosystem of animals, flowers and butterflies that move freely between Town and Park. Use your imagination to create fantastic and colourful flora and fauna, which reclaim parts of the urban setting and move through the environment without the confines typically imposed on them by people. Like graffiti, they exist in the in-between spaces outside daily life. However, they are not confrontational or destructive, but rather contribute positively to the environment they inhabit. They fulfill a dreamlike vision of nature and humanity co-existing harmoniously in the world.
Credit: teamLab

Sketch Town

Sketch Christmas (till 6 Jan 2018)

Celebrate this festive season with a special interactive installation - Sketch Christmas! This installation is based on a fictitious Christmas town with local landmarks like ArtScience Museum, the Merlion and the Singapore Flyer. Young visitors can use crayons and paper to colour a building, a car or Santa Claus. When their two-dimensional pictures are placed in a digital scanner, they enter the town, becoming 3D animated objects. The visitors’ festive designs magically come to life in this vast projected town, which they can physically interact with through touch and movement. Tap Santa, for example, and watch him deliver presents!

Sketch Town Paper Craft

The fun continues at Sketch Town Paper Craft where you are able to turn your 3D digital drawings into physical paper craft models. Print your 3D drawings as an original paper craft pattern that you can assemble into a unique 3D model and perfect take-home souvenir today!
Sketch Town

Credit: teamLab

Connecting! Block Town

If you've ever been caught in slow traffic, you'll appreciate this unique chance to design your own transportation network with Connecting! Block Town. This interactive artwork reacts to your input and ultimately develops into a vibrant, thriving cityscape.

The installation begins by projecting moving cars, trains, planes and boats onto a large surface. You'll use physical wooden blocks to design and connect an evolving system of roads, rivers and railways to keep the ever-increasing traffic flowing smoothly. Just like in real life, the challenge of keeping everything moving grows with the amount of traffic!

Media Block Chair

Create playful and vibrant structures from stacking blocks that glow and change colour when you connect them together. Let your imagination be your guide as you construct functional furniture like chairs and benches, architectural structures such as walls and partitions – or simply bring the images in your mind's eye to life!

The high-tech blocks communicate information to each other when they are connected, changing colour with every addition or subtraction from your artwork. With endless variations of colour, light and form to explore, Media Block Chair provides hours of fascinating fun for visitors of all ages.

Credit: teamLab

Credit: teamLab

A Table Where Little People Live

The little people are a community of miniature characters projected onto a table. When left alone, the little people move around their environment, walking, jumping, sliding, hopping and generally paying little attention to the world outside. But when they have visitors, they love to play!

Place your hand or an object on A Table Where Little People Live and the little people will notice and jump onto it. The actions of the tiny characters change in response to the shape and colour of the objects, becoming more animated as you introduce more and more objects into their world.

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