Explore our A-Z dining directory of over 60 restaurants, offering the best of local and international cuisines.

Ten of the world’s best celebrity chef restaurants are located at Marina Bay Sands. Discover exclusive culinary creations by Tetsuya Wakuda, Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay, Mario Batali, David Thompson, Justin Quek, Daniel Boulud and David Myers.

Experience the rich history and flavours of Chinese cuisine. Peking duck fine dining, casual Cantonese yum cha, fresh-caught seafood buffets, street-style noodle bars, and everything in between.

Fusion cuisine at its finest. These unique and innovative dishes take traditional Asian flavours and reimagine them with European culinary techniques.

Japanese cuisine is built around fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared with meticulous care. Discover Singapore’s best offerings of sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, karaage, ramen and more.

Enjoy the tastes of traditional India prepared with highest quality ingredients, from rustic curries and roti breads to exquisitely spiced dishes once served only to the Indian royal family.

Only the best quality cuts of meat will do at our American restaurants, whether you’re enjoying the glamour of an elite Manhattan steakhouse or the carnival atmosphere of a Brazilian churrascaria.

Traditional Italian with a modern twist. Treat yourself to authentic wood-fired pizzas, pastas flavoured with the influences of Italy and New York, and even Italo-Japanese fusion cuisine.

Indulge in France’s famous culinary delights, from bouillabaisse to steak frites to coq au vin. Accompany your meal with Champagne and oysters for an authentic French dining experience.

Make your own menu at our buffet style restaurants. Choose from international favourites, all-you-can-eat seafood and sushi, and delectable dessert spreads of chocolate and cheese.

Get to know the flavours of Singapore and its surrounding regions. Explore a wide selection of South East Asian street foods in a hawker-style food court or traditional eatery.

Take a break from shopping and relax with coffee and a sweet pastry, or enjoy a casual meal and refreshing cocktail at a waterfront café or bistro style restaurant.

Choose from a variety of Halal-certified dishes that celebrate the local flavours of Singapore and South East Asia, including Hainan chicken rice, Thai laksas, and traditional Nanyang coffee.

Relax in the comfort of your own private space, complete with custom menu selections and personalised service, for an unforgettable dining experience at Marina Bay Sands.