ArtScience Late at ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands


One Thursday a month, 7pm to 10pm

Once a month, ArtScience Museum transforms into a buzzy, chilled-out, night-time destination. Catch cutting-edge performances and wind down to the weekend with bar offerings and special ticket offers* to the touring exhibitions.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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ArtScience Late - A Thousand Horses Running in my Head

A Thousand Horses Running in my Head

9 October 2015, 8pm

anGie Seah
With Ian Woo & Aya Sekine

In a mash up of unpredictable piano tapping, bass droning, poetic gestures and erratic voice-works combined with everyday sounds, anGie Seah presents the mental outpourings and psyche manifesting from a stated of nerves. Inspired by the splendour of the everyday, anGie together with Ian Woo, Aya Sekine reinterpret emotions and ideas that spoken words fail to evoke. This immense audio-visual-movement experience will trigger your senses through the orchestra of sounds, actions and imagery with the aid of young local street dancers. Get ready to open your hearts and minds at this live performance not to be missed.

In partnership with the NTU CCA Singapore Residencies Programme.

ASL Sep_Gazelle Twin

Gazelle Twin and Special Guests

10 September 2015, 8pm

For this special edition of ArtScience Late, FutureEverything Singapore, part of the Festival of Tech, presents an evening of new UK and Singaporean talent.–UK composer and producer Elizabeth Bernholz aka “Horror-pop” artist Gazelle Twin  will be joined by Singapore’s underground artists to provide an evening packed full of the most innovative and imaginative creations.

FutureEverything Singapore is a partnership between FutureEverything, an award-winning innovation lab for digital culture and annual festival established in Manchester, and Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority (IDA). The festival is under the umbrella programme, the Festival of Tech.

ArtScience Late - Ryoji Ikeda: Supercodex

Supercodex [live set]

20 August 2015, 8pm

Concept & composition: Ryoji Ikeda
Computer graphics & programming: Tomonaga Tokuyama

Sonic artist, visual artist, electronic composer and computer-musician in one, Ryoji Ikeda has gained international renown for his provocative work combining visuals and sound.

Supercodex [live set] reworks musical concepts from Ikeda’s 2013 superposition piece, which investigates how we understand the reality of nature on an atomic scale, taking its starting point in mathematical models and quantum mechanics. From a subtle beginning consisting of digital noise, blips and bass drones, there gradually emerges the core elements of techno and dance music, where Ikeda uses raw data and mathematical models to generate music and projections.

Don’t miss this extraordinary live performance, where the accompanying visuals add to the rich textures to merge the senses, creating an unforgettable experience. Prepare to be immersed in a multi-sensorial extravaganza.

For more information please visit here.

ArtScience Late - 2015:time:space:


featuring Robert Casteels, Dirk Johan Stromberg and Andrew Thomas

9 July 2015, 7.30pm & 9pm

This collaborative work for voice, electronic instrument, live processing, tape and video presents two new electronic instruments - the Sphere and the Strombophone - which accompany captivating scenes from nature to Singapore’s metropolis, crossing time and space. 

Original production generously supported by the National Arts Council. 

ArtScience Late - Chicks on Speed: The Art of Work Part 2

Chicks on Speed: The Art of Work Part 2

In collaboration with Malvina Tan, Dinu Bodiciu, Lennat Mak and Zul Mahmod

4 June 2015, 8.30pm

Globetrotting performance art, music, and new media collective Chicks on Speed take the stage this ArtScience Late with their special mix of irony and electronic beats. Merging video, choreography and fashion, they will be playing live against the backdrop of their surrealistic and poetic short films. Be prepared for an evening that will be visually stunning and sonically explosive. 

In partnership with the NTU CCA Singapore Residencies Programme.

ArtScience Late - PV868


7 May 2015, 8pm and 9pm

Set your mind free through PV868, an experimental audiovisual performance created by NUS/ArtScience Museum Residency artist TeZ. Experience the hypnotic effect of moving visual patterns, emerging directly from the interaction between the brainwaves and the sound and light stimulation, unique to each participant. 

ArtScience Late - Metamorphosis


9 April 2015, 7:45pm and 9pm

Enjoy a feast for the eyes and the ears through visual artist Panagiotis Tomaras’ stunning video work complemented with sounds by DJ Tom Shellsuit. Presenting an interplay between sight and sound, initial slow, transformative imagery is replaced with rapid, geometric movement, and ends with a vivid treatment of colour inspired by the flicker films of the early 60’s.

ArtScience Late - The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners

The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners

directed by Luciano Chessa, A Performa commission

12 February 2015, 7:30pm and 8:45pm

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical noisemakers, Futurist painter and composer Luigi Russolo (1885–1947) developed an orchestra of hand-cranked instruments which he called Intonarumori. These first mechanical synthesizers produced by Russolo generated sounds of whirrs and buzzes, clangs, scrapes, sirens and mechanically plucked strings. In collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute and Performa, ArtScience Museum presents two full performances by The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners, an ensemble founded in 2009 by the Italian composer and conductor Luciano Chessa that performs on his replicas of Russolo's earliest Intonarumori orchestra. Each performance will be accompanied by a short talk by Chessa.


featuring Composit formed by Shunsuke Francois Nanjo (Japan/France), Kensuke Christophe Nanjo (Japan/France) and Nicolas Charbonnier (France) in collaboration with Eisa Jocson (The Philippines)

29 January 2015

The installation Hypermnesia is the result of two artists and a mechanical engineer working together. The audience is prompted/ invited to interact with the artwork through touch, thus altering the sound in the background. The trio will be developing an interactive pole installation for the internationally celebrated choreographer/performer Eisa Jocson. The artwork will react to her body heat and movement.



featuring media artist Andreas Schlegel and artist/poet Bani Haykal

11 December 2014

‘undo’ is an attempt to unravel narratives through acts of deconstruction. Set amidst a myriad of devices including computers, lights, sound, and text, ‘undo’ offer glimpses into chaos and order through the distortion of perspectives, investigating the relationship between meaning, context and subject. The project is the first collaboration between Andreas Schlegel and Bani Haykal.

Transporting Rituals

featuring Chey Chankethya, AMRITA Performing Arts (Cambodia) and Blake Shaw of SWEATSHOPPE (United States/Germany)

20 November 2014

This performance will marry the choreographic styles and moves of Cambodian dancer Chey Chankethya (Kethya) with the new media creation of SWEATSHOPPE’s Blake Shaw’s video painting, merging this mesmeric visual art with contemporary dance.

Inside the Saxophone

by Tim O’Dwyer (Singapore) & Florian Baron (Germany)

16 October 2014

Saxophonist, composer and researcher Tim O’Dwyer will be “speaking” to his audience through the music played on his meta saxophone (a conventional alto saxophone with in-built modified sensor system). Amplified through a four-speaker surround sound system, the music will be accompanied by an interactive video installation, Kaleidoclock, created by Florian Baron. 

Body as Object

featuring Eko Supriyanto and Solo Dance Studio (Indonesia)

11 September 2014

Indonesia choreographer Eko Surpriyanto, known to combine a range of contemporary dance techniques rooted in classical Javanese tradition, will be developing a site-specific work with ArtScience Museum’s rain oculus as the dancers’ backdrop. This piece explores the dancers’ bodies as objects exhibited within the core of the museum’s structure. 

In a Heartbeat

featuring performance media artist Fuyuki Yamakawa (Japan)

21 August 2014

You can feel your heartbeat, but it’s not often that you get to see it. Japanese performance media artist Fuyuki Yamakawa, known for his heartbeat performance, will fuel the audience’s curiosity in this performance. Attaching a stethoscope to his chest, Yamakawa will be projecting his heartbeat through a set of light bulbs as he employs the power of his body, voice and movement. Audiences can expect to see a flickering.


featuring the musical sculptures of Lirio Salvador, performance by Elemento with Wawi Navarroza on vocals (The Philippines)

24 July 2014

In the last two decades, musician and visual artist Lirio Salvador has been creating musical instruments from objects such as bicycle parts, kitchen utensils, scrap metal and sensors among other items. Elemento, an art music ensemble, will be performing original music using these self-made instruments called “Sandata”. Elemento’s music compositions are usually a mix of improvised free-form pieces and compositions.

Elemento will be joined by photographer and vocalist Wawi Navarroza.

Life Circuit

featuring Urich Lau (Singapore) together with Kai Lam (Singapore) and Yuzuru Maeda (Japan) 

12 June 2014

A series of video performances with audio and visual wearable gadgets constructed from industrial safety equipment such as welding goggles, gas masks and earmuffs. The work makes use of live-feed images and sounds to link to other devices and displays capturing the elements found within audiences and spaces.

Urich Lau will collaborate with sound and performance artist Kai Lam and violinist Yuzuru Maeda. 

Beat box it!

featuring Charles “Stitch” Wong (Singapore) and video artist Quincy Teofisto of Achtung!Achtung! (Singapore)

22 May 2014

ArtScience Museum brings together the art of vocal percussion and visual media. Stitch has been performing solo for the last 10 years and can create a range of vocal sounds from drumbeats and classical Chinese instruments to horns while singing. He will be sharing his stage for the first time with media artist Quincy Teofisto. Audience participation will be encouraged.