ArtScience Late at Home with David Finnigan

A million years ago, our ancestors were just another struggling primate dwelling in Africa. Today, humans are everywhere. We have transformed ecosystems, changed the face of the planet, and are on the brink of an unprecedented global crisis. How did we get here? And how will we get through it?

On New Year’s Eve, writer-performer David Finnigan set out to tell the story of humanity, from the deep past to the present day. But as he began to write, his hometown of Canberra was hit by the worst bushfires in Australia’s recorded history. Over three days, the situation deteriorated, until David’s friends and family were forced to flee for their lives.

In David Finnigan’s performance project, You’re Safe Till 2024: Deep History, these two stories collide. 75,000 years of human history meets 75 hours of desperate consequences.

The performance will be livestreamed on 17 September (Thursday), 9pm in tandem with an artist Q&A.

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The Artists

  • David Finnigan

    David Finnigan is a playwright and theatre artist. He works with research scientists to create theatre about climate and systems change. He is the writer of Kill Climate Deniers and an associate artist of Boho (Australia), Coney (UK) and Sipat Lawin (Philippines).

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