Museum Guidelines

  • Touching the Artwork

    While engagement with our interactive displays is encouraged, please refrain from touching any exhibits labelled with “Do Not Touch” as even clean hands can cause damage to the artworks. 

    Do also pay attention to all barriers and/or floor markings.

  • Consideration for Others
    For the enjoyment of other visitors, kindly set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from talking loudly when in the exhibition galleries.
  • Photography and Filming

    Take as many photos as you like to remember your visit here. Do note that the use of tripod, selfie sticks, flash photography is prohibited, unless otherwise stated.

    To film in the galleries, prior permission is required.

  • Safety of Young Visitors
    For the safety and security of young visitors in the Museum, children below 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Running in the exhibition galleries is not allowed.
  • Food and Drinks
    Food and drinks are prohibited in the galleries. This is to prevent spillages and keep pests away from visitors and the artworks.
  • Smoking

    Our Museum is committed to and encourages a smoke-free environment. Smoking or vaping is not permitted within the Museum premises.

    Please smoke only at the designated areas outside the Museum. 

  • Backpacks
    You may be asked to remove your backpack and carry it if the Museum is experiencing a high volume of visitors.
  • Behaviour

    We are committed to ensuring that the museum is a safe, inclusive and respectful place for all.

    Anyone exhibiting abusive, threatening or violent behaviours will be asked to stop or leave the Museum premises.

  • Prohibited Items
    Animals, live plants or flowers, naked flames, flammable items and any other items considered by ArtScience Museum to present a risk to the Authorised Areas are strictly prohibited.

Generic Enquiries

Let our friendly Facebook chatbot or Visitor Experience staff assist you in making the most of your visit. 

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