ArtScience Encounters

Presented in collaboration with artists and creatives, ArtScience Encounters is an invitation to discover curious spaces hidden within ArtScience Museum’s unique architecture. 

Take time to explore and experience these compelling artworks, intriguing happenings and sensorial experiences spanning various genres and mediums. Spaces are refreshed periodically with new works.

Free Admission

ArtScience Encounters with Kin Leonn

Ceaseless Benevolence In The Eye Of The Cascade

31 Mar – 2 Jul


Ceaseless Benevolence In The Eye Of The Cascade is a 10-channel ambient sound installation created by artist Kin Leonn in response to ArtScience Museum’s Oculus, reimagining the waterfall of this architectural feature as a luminous source of all; a primordial spring of life at the heart of the natural world.

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