Talks at ArtScience Museum

Connect with ArtScience Museum's dedicated programming track for talks as it goes online. Tune in to leading local and international speakers from diverse backgrounds who discuss ideas and share insights on topics such as futures thinking, environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion, art and technology, and more.


Join us in our new marquee series of talks, Expanded Realities Conversations, featuring trailblazers in art and technology who are sculpting the possibilities of immersive media and extended reality technologies. Click here for more details.


Climate Conversations brings together renowned climate scientists, ecologists and artists to spotlight some of the most profound stories from the frontlines of conservation and climate innovation. Click here for more details.


As we navigate extraordinary realities, hear from prominent thought leaders and futures thinkers in Feeling the Future who boldly imagine new futures in a world where uncertainty and anxiety is prevalent. Click here for more details.

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