Cesar Jung-Harada’s Practice and Work

From boats that move like fish to floating machines that turn seawater into fuel, discover Cesar Jung-Harada’s passion and practice in this introductory video.

As the climate crisis rages on, artists, environmentalists, scientists, and designers contemplate our next moves to combat this threat. How can we build the sustainable future we imagine and desire? ArtScientist-In-Residence Cesar Jung-Harada draws on the untapped potential of the ocean, inspiration from nature and experimental innovative technology to actualise our ideas.

Learn more about his driving force and practice, which reflects the complexity of our unfolding reality, while advocating for the importance of our young and our cultural institutions. Find out how open-source technologies, collaboration and creativity could be our biggest assets in the fight against climate change.

About Cesar Jung-Harada

Cesar Jung-Harada is a Singapore-based French-Japanese designer, environmentalist, educator and entrepreneur. With ongoing research and development into renewable energy sources and environmentally sustainable sea transport, he regularly delivers workshops for organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund and National Geographic and has delivered keynotes at international conferences organised by the United Nations, Harvard University, and TED.

ArtScientist-In-Residence: Cesar Jung-Harada
Learn more about Cesar’s ArtScience Residency

ArtScientist-In-Residence Cesar Jung-Harada’s passion for ocean technology and impact innovation finds a home for education and experimentation at ArtScience Museum.

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