Feeling the Future Talk with Lynn Froggett and Lizzie Muller

Exhibitions help us imagine the future through a process of ‘cultural contagion’ where we ‘catch’ feelings and ideas as they circulate in the social unconscious. After the pandemic they can support the civic role of museums in bringing what is ‘felt’ into public conversation.

In this talk, Lynn Froggett (Professor of Psychosocial Welfare at University of Central Lancashire, UK) and Lizzie Muller (Associate Professor at UNSW Art & Design, Sydney) draw on their research at ArtScience Museum that shows how audiences in 2017 were already ‘feeling’ the future we are experiencing in 2020: anxieties of being overwhelmed by micro-organisms and fears of being isolated at home and connecting only virtually with others.

Lynn Froggett and Lizzie Muller will also be joined by Nina Ernst (Associate Director, Programmes) in a livestream moderated conversation on 9 Jul (Thursday), 4pm.

About Feeling the Future

Feeling the Future is an online programme of talks that examines the human capacity to imagine new futures in a world where uncertainty and anxiety is prevalent. As we navigate extraordinary realities, this online series of talks engages with prominent thought leaders and futures thinkers on topical issues – ranging from emotional courage and mental wellness to social resilience and ethics – to reflect on where we are and where we could be heading.

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About the Exhibition

2219: Futures Imagined explores the possible futures of Singapore 200 years from now through a series of immersive installations, meditative spaces, films, paintings and sculptures. Inspired by the work of Singaporean writer and poet Alvin Pang, the exhibition is neither a utopian or dystopian view of the distant future and instead focuses on small, human-scale acts of innovation and contemplation. 2219: Futures Imagined intends for visitors to reflect on what kind of future they want for Singapore, and what actions they may be prepared to take in order to bring that future into being.

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7 Jul
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The Speakers

  • Lynn Froggett/ Professor of Psychosocial Welfare and Co-Director of the Institute for Citizenship, Society and Change at University of Central Lancashire, UK

    Lynn Froggett is an expert on cultural impact and new model cultural institutions. She researches socially engaged arts in clinical, community, cultural, arts and health and art-science contexts.

  • Lizzie Muller/ Associate Professor at UNSW Art & Design, Sydney

    Lizzie Muller specialises in the history and future of museums as sites of knowledge creation. She is a practising curator whose exhibitions have been shown in Australia, Canada, America and the UK. Her research focuses on audience experience, art-science collaboration and the impact of digital media on curating and museology.

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