Feeling the Future Talk with Tong Yee

Human emotion and the agility in which it shifts might be the clearest indicator of the success of leadership teams, and an indicator of the quality and range of personal leadership. When crisis comes, whatever its form, observing the emotions that emerge over time reveals societal cultures, behaviours and habits.

Tong Yee (Co-Founder and Director of The Thought Collective) reflects on this season of crisis – how it tells us so much about who we are as societies and states, and reveals powerful wisdom if we care to look.

Following his talk, Tong Yee will also be participating in a Q&A moderated by Honor Harger (Executive Director, ArtScience Museum).

About Feeling the Future:

Feeling the Future is an online programme of talks that examines the human capacity to imagine new futures in a world where uncertainty and anxiety is prevalent. As we navigate extraordinary realities, this online series of talks engages with prominent thought leaders and futures thinkers on topical issues – ranging from emotional courage and mental wellness to social resilience and ethics – to reflect on where we are and where we could be heading.

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About the Exhibition

2219: Futures Imagined explores the possible futures of Singapore 200 years from now through a series of immersive installations, meditative spaces, films, paintings and sculptures. Inspired by the work of Singaporean writer and poet Alvin Pang, the exhibition is neither a utopian or dystopian view of the distant future and instead focuses on small, human-scale acts of innovation and contemplation. 2219: Futures Imagined intends for visitors to reflect on what kind of future they want for Singapore, and what actions they may be prepared to take in order to bring that future into being.

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The Speaker

  • Tong Yee (Co-Founder and Director of The Thought Collective)

    Tong Yee is a social entrepreneur and civil society leader in Singapore. Having initially co-founded the School of Thought to promote innovation in character education and civic learning, he now leads The Thought Collective — one of the largest groups of social enterprises in Singapore reputed for their work in social capital and social infrastructure development.

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