Feeling the Future Talk with Richard Hassell

Richard Hassell (architect, artist and Co-Founding Director of WOHA) shares stories and images of a hypothetical future, where sea levels have risen 14 metres, where energy is 100% renewable, and old HDBs are inhabited by chickens and cows.

Titled Strange Times, WOHA’s proposal for Singapore for the year 2050 is presented in the form of a highly realistic newspaper from the future at 2219: Futures Imagined. Richard will talk about the emotions and humour this provocative piece of speculative realism was designed to elicit.

About Feeling the Future:

Feeling the Future is an online programme of talks that examines the human capacity to imagine new futures in a world where uncertainty and anxiety is prevalent. As we navigate extraordinary realities, this online series of talks engages with prominent thought leaders and futures thinkers on topical issues – ranging from emotional courage and mental wellness to social resilience and ethics – to reflect on where we are and where we could be heading.

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About the Exhibition

2219: Futures Imagined explores the possible futures of Singapore 200 years from now through a series of immersive installations, meditative spaces, films, paintings and sculptures. Inspired by the work of Singaporean writer and poet Alvin Pang, the exhibition is neither a utopian or dystopian view of the distant future and instead focuses on small, human-scale acts of innovation and contemplation. 2219: Futures Imagined intends for visitors to reflect on what kind of future they want for Singapore, and what actions they may be prepared to take in order to bring that future into being.

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21 Jul
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The Speaker

  • Richard Hassell / architect, artist and Co-Founding Director of WOHA

    Richard Hassell is an Australian-born architect and artist who has lived in Singapore since 1989. He founded WOHA with Wong Mun Summ in 1994. The Singapore-based architectural practice have gained global recognition for their integration of environmental and social principles at every stage of the design process. They are known for innovative and highly influential projects widely publicised as benchmarks for sustainable design.

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