Cafe, Bistro & Casual Dining

Indulge in some casual dining delights, enjoy some sweet treats and coffee or a refreshing cocktail in our cafe and bistro style restaurants.

A stylish celebration of Food, Bazin offers you a diverse variety of food from Kebabs to Yakitori.

Step into the modern restaurant that exudes an old world charm, complete with delectable menu and distinguished services.

A selection of salads, sandwiches, pasta and light bites at our casual outdoor cafe set on the Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

Aside from burgers and freshly baked buns, we do also offer other varieties like sandwiches, burger steaks, salads and sides. Drop on by to enjoy an alternative dine-in experience today.

Pita Pan is a vegetarian Mediterranean restaurant, serving healthy and delicious food.

The hotel's epicenter for social meetings and coffe, drinks or late-night cocktails.

South Coast is an Australian bistro and bar offering clients a venue that combines chic with perfect relaxation and has a bar area that showcases the Singapore city skyline at its best.

Offering sweet treats, homemade breads and the perfect cup of espresso.

Guests enjoy gourmet food and innovative beverages that is palatable to the senses and artistic in its creations.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has a wide slection of fare from signature high teas, delicious eggs benedict in the morning, through to pastas and more for lunch and dinner.

Trung Nguyen is celebrated for its traditional Vietnamese coffee known for bold taste an captivating aroma. Their coffees range from espressos, iced espressos, ice blended and swirls.

Explore over 1000 of the world's greatest single-harvest teas and exclusive blends in either our Tea Garden or Tea on the Bridge location.