Yu Cuisine Restaurant in Marina Bay SandsYu Cuisine Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands


漁 Yú Cuisine is a modern Chinese seafood, dim sum, grill and champagne bar restaurant.
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漁 Yú Cuisine is a modern and hip Chinese seafood, dim sum, grill and champagne bar restaurant. Signature dishes like Hong Kong Aberdeen Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab and Butter Cream King Prawns are must have items. Our Peking duck, roasts and grill are excellent, and our creative dim sum is a Yú Cuisine specialty.

Diners can enjoy a spectacular view of Marina Bay in the evening on Yú’s upper level over their favourite champagne, wine or just a glass of chilled beer with exotic seafood. Or relax with a bowl of noodles with a Yú’s Chinese tea mocktail for lunch by the bay.

漁 ,为您带来最时尚,最非凡的创意海鲜今品料理,品尝美味人生!

Chiu Ka Wa, Head Chef

I find inspiration…

Everywhere – from places and media, to food magazines. I always enjoy exploring new innovations and different ideas for food.

As an apprentice…

We had to do everything from killing a live chicken, to starting a stove fire with wood back in the days. As juniors, we were required to do all the odd kitchen chores, and earn our way up to being a cutter and so forth. The path was a tedious one.

Speaking from experience…

There are bound to be mistakes because we are all humans. But the skills of a chef is the critical factor to salvage most, if not all, of the ingredients in an unsuccessful dish, and be able to recreate it.

Lai Lai Cha & Dim Sum


Lai Lai Cha –  A fruity cocktail which infuses lemongrass, lime, cane sugar, Ketel One vodka, and lychee juice with oolong tea.

Dim Sum – The dim sum set celebrates the classics you know and love: succulent prawns wrapped in beancurd skin, and turnip and radish dumplings.


You can always count on oriental cuisine to bring comforting yet refined creations that will elicit nods of approval all around the table. The lychee and lemongrass (handsmashed to give it that extra burst of flavour) leaves a sweet, lingering finish after juicy morsels of dim sum.


Some of the best cocktail and food pairings are inspired by ingredients that already share a history of successful culinary collaboration. Lemongrass and lychee are familiar flavours in Chinese cuisine, and no dim sum table table is complete without the ceremonial presence of tea. Fruity and sweet with an invigorating touch of zest, you'll find the Lai Lai Cha to be an irresistable cocktail companion to Yú Champagne Bar's signature creative yet welcomingly familiar dim sum favourites.