Punjab Grill Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands


Hailed as one of the finest in India, Jiggs Kalra is proud to introduce his most critically acclaimed and award winning signature restaurant chain – Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra, to Singapore.

The illustrious Jiggs Kalra, commonly referred to as the Czar of Indian Cuisine and the first Asian to be inducted in the International Gourmet Hall of Fame, counts many a successes in his fine-dining empire. With Punjab Grill, he has redefined Indian food with a focus on serving authentic Indian cuisine from the North West Frontier Province. Showcasing the Jiggs Kalra Signature style, this classic restaurant serves cuisine from the erstwhile Royal State of Punjab.

Renowned for reviving the lost cuisines and cooking styles from ancient India, Jiggs Kalra offers a spread of age old delicacies like the Kebabs incorporating four separate techniques of grilling, which exemplify his signature style.

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  • World Gourmet Summit 2015 Exclusive
Punjab Grill Feature Grill Lamb Chop for World Gourmet Summit 2015

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Punjab Grill’s Monsoon Wedding  
2 May 2015, Saturday, 7:00pm – 10:30pm |
S$125++ per person

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A north indian wedding is possibly the most lavish and glamorous event that can ever be dreamed up.  weddings across india are an embodiment of tradition but with their share of fun and frolic thrown in and if it is a punjabi wedding then you can be doubly sure that everything about the wedding will be extravagant.

The food and feasting has to form the cornerstone of any indian wedding.  at a punjabi wedding , the food has to compulsorily inundate the guests stomach with a huge variety of appetizers and drinks as soon as you enter the wedding. and then you have to bhangra all the appetizers off to make way for the main course.

Punjab grill pays its own little tribute to the loud, garish, over the top ostentatious yet charming punjabi wedding with its indian wedding feast. treat your taste buds to all that is good about north indian food and then if you feel upto it, do some bhangra on our specially arranged dhol beats.

Punjab Grill Month-long menu for World Gourmet Summit 2015

Month-long Menu

WGS Exclusive Menu – Royal Lunch & Dinner Feast (View menus)
Lunch: $55++ per person | Dinner: $190++ per person

Call +65 6688 7395 for reservations.
Assorted Sea Food Platter
Tandoori Jheenga
Nalli Gosht Lamb Shanks
Crispy soft shell crab