Hide Yamamoto Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands - InteriorHide Yamamoto Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands - Interior


In this multi-concept 128-seat restaurant, patrons can treat themselves to four completely different menus and experiences by Chef Hide Yamamoto, one of the 2010 Global Chef Award Recipients.

Treat yourself to the freshest fish air-flown in daily from Tsukiji market in Tokyo within our authentic Sushi bar.

Robata (charcoal grill)
Indulge in quality Japanese vegetables, fish, and Wagyu beef from our petrified wood Charcoal Robata Grill.

For homemade Japanese Ramen Noodles, visit our Noodle Bar where our ramen noodles are prepared with traditional 110-year old techniques.

There are also six Teppan Tables, as well as a full kitchen and semi-Western style pastry menu to cater to your every craving.
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Hide Yamamoto - Sushi
Hide Yamamoto - Robata
Hide Yamamoto - Teppan
Hide Yamamoto - Sashimi
Hide Yamamoto - Tempura
Hide Yamamoto - Teppanyaki Foie Gras
Hide Yamamoto - Robatayaki Whole Chicken with Truffle Rice
Hide Yamamoto - Robatayaki Prawn
Hide Yamamoto - Robatayaki Vegetable
Japanese Chef Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands

Chef Hide Yamamoto

Japanese born, Italian and French trained, Chef Yamamoto comes with a long and illustrious history, drizzled with multiple culinary awards and accolades. He is the Grand Chef and Proprietor, 2010 Global Award Recipient.

He has graced kitchens such as the legendary Roger Verge in Province, Chez Nouz Hama in San Francisco and Jockey Club at Washington's Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where he held the esteemed distinction of serving three generations of Presidents: Reagan, Bush and Clinton.

In 2005, Chef Yamamoto became the first Executive Chef of the Mandarin Oriental in Washington D.C., and was soon brought back to Japan to be the Chief Executive Chef for the soon-to-be opened Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.

He currently owns a string of successful restaurants in Japan, and is currently running management contract based restaurants in Japan. From December 2013, he started to explore outside for his new management business, in Switzerland. More of his management restaurants will be opened in 2015, while he focuses on building up his Hide Yamamoto group overseas.

Sake & Sushi at Marina Bay Sands

Sake & Sushi


Onikan Daiginjo Sake – Prized as the top Japanese sake and imported directly from the Nagano prefecture, Daiginjo has a smooth, rich, fragrant and fruity taste.

Sushi – Featuring ingredients air-flown to the restaurant twice a week – fatty tuna from Tokyo’s renowned Tsukiji Fish market, and scallop and sea urchin from Hokkaido’s Fish market.


Hide Yamamoto imbues these two exquisite delicacies of Japan with awe-inspiring complexity. From taste to texture, experience how each mouthful of sushi, savoured with a sip of sake, adds delightful layers to your gourmet journey.


As sushi is made with a base of vinegared rice, it's not surprising that sake – distilled from fermented rice – can serve as an excellent complementary drink. For fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, choose a lighter sake like a ginjo or daiginjo, which won't overpower the flavours and texture of the fish. The prestigious Onikan daiginjo is a great choice to savour with Hide Yamamoto's signature fatty tuna nigiri: delicate and smooth with a hint of sweetness, and a subtle palate-cleansing acidity.