Front Row Fashion Week at The Shoppes at Marina Bay SandsFront Row Fashion Week at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Italian Moda

Spotting an Italian on the street-style circuit is easy. That’s because said Italian is most likely the first to be noticed, and the top choice for a sartorial subject in every style paparazzi’s lenses. Our fashion icon of choice, Chiara Ferragni – epitomises this brand of va-va-voom style – super on-trend, body conscious, sexy with a twist, and beautiful. With her sexy sophistication, she is a role model for fashion-forward socialites everywhere. There’s just something about her way of dressing that’s immediately, distinctly Italian – elegant yet glamorously sexy. And considering how the Italians are often regarded as some of the world’s best-dressed folks, this is definitely a screen-capture-and-keep list for spot-on Italian moda.


1.  Always wear sunglasses

Because that’s what (young and old) Italians do – at night, in winter, indoors. Fendi’s this season are a hybrid of cat eyes and round lenses, winged with graphic wave motifs, while Gucci continues to roll out variations of oversized, embellished frames. Whatever you choose, make sure they’re sturdy and cover half your face – just like how the Italians like theirs.

Emilio Pucci

2. More is more

There’s no real explanation for that clashing, flashy coolness of sports-meets-vintage-meets-ethnic that style-savvy Italian women are famous for. You have to see it to put your finger on it. Suffice to say that at the heart of it all, it’s really the more, the merrier – a bit of crazy “off-ness” is a plus. The brands to wear for the same melange: Dolce&Gabbana, Prada and, of course, Gucci.

Alberta Ferretti
Patricia Manfield

3. Live in loads of colour

From its art to its architecture, and even its food, much of Italian culture is steeped in rich patterns, robust hues and strong flavours. Its style aesthete is no different, mixing tangerine with leopard prints and rainbow-hued, Indian-inspired artwork. And brands like Salvatore Ferragamo (with its sprightly mix of mustard, sky blue and purple stripes) and Versace (trippy neon swirls) certainly embody it.

Costume National

4. The Italian signature: midi skirt + heels

Midi skirt (swirly or super-tight) with heels – that’s the uniform of Miuccia Prada, and just about every other respectable icon in the city’s fashion scene. The womanly collections of Dolce&Gabbana and Bottega Veneta attest to that.



5. The point is: Heels are everything

The thing that draws fashion followers most to Italian style is how the women – no matter how bold or exuberant – always radiate a feminine glamour. They make wearing stilettos, and anything with dauntingly high arches, seem like a walk in the park. A slightly more girlish option this season: Bottega Veneta’s spindly, multi-strap Mary Janes that are sexy, timeless and utterly versatile.

Emporio Armani
Haider Ackermann

Noelle Loh, Female Editor