Rado Watches in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore ShoppingRado Watches in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Shopping


From day one, Rado has turned visions into concrete realities. Pushing the boundaries of material technology and continually introducing the unexpected to Swiss watchmaking, Rado has literally gone from strength to strength. In the words of the company’s founder, “If we can imagine it, we can make it. And if we can make it, we will.” Rado always has and always will stretch the limits of mind and matter to produce unique timepieces.


All Rado watches are a fusion of technology, practicality, and design. The first impressive results of this successful combination were presented in 1962 with the Rado Original DiaStar, the world’s first scratch-resistant watch. In the 1980s, the Rado pioneering spirit led to the use of high-tech ceramic in watchmaking. Previously used in spacecraft heat shields and racing cars, it was a significant milestone. Rado also developed the ability to colour this resilient material and to mould it by injection, paving the way for even more innovative designs. And in 2002 the world’s hardest watch was unveiled. The Rado V10K, made using high-tech diamond has a hardness of 10,000 on the Vickers Scale.


Today, the seamless union of technology, practicality and design continues to be fuelled by courage and commitment to creating watches that stand the test of time. Rooted in a heritage of proven performance, Rado has its eye clearly focused on the future. Rado gains its momentum from the power of research and innovation, audacity and intuition. Nothing gets in the way of Rado’s mission to discover, invent and innovate. The result is always extraordinary watch designs.


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Rado DiaMaster Automatic Chronograph
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Rado DiaMaster Automatic Chronograph