Responsible Gaming in Marina Bay Sands


Marina Bay Sands will enforce an entry levy for all Singapore citizens and permanent residents seeking admission to the casino. The entry levy is set at S$150 for 24 consecutive hours and S$3,000 for a one-year period.

The Singapore Government and Marina Bay Sands support the Casino Exclusion Programme to assist those people who would like to stop gambling but have difficulty doing so. With this Programme, exclusion from casinos can take on one of these forms:

  • Self-exclusion – Voluntary exclusion of a gambler from the casino
  • Family-exclusion – Family exclusion of a gambler from the casino
  • Third party-exclusion – Undischarged bankrupts and people receiving financial aid from the Singapore Government are automatically excluded from entering the casinos in Singapore. 
  • Voluntary Visit Limit – Limits visits to the casino per month.
  • Family Visit Limit – Limits the number of times a person in their family can visit the casino in a calendar month
  • Third Party Visit Limit – Limits visits on individuals who are frequent local casino patrons and deemed by the Government to be financially vulnerable.

If you would like more information on any of the forms of exclusion and visit limits mentioned above, go to