JJ Lin "After The Rain" A Charity Live Special

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JJ Lin’s concert "After The Rain" will pilot the “VDS+Test” protocol, where capacity limits and zoning requirements will be eased.

Under this protocol, all attendees need to be fully vaccinated and have a valid negative Pre-Event Test (PET). The PET can be performed at any of the MOH-Approved COVID-19 Test Providers listed here , or at Marina Bay Sands’ PET facility located at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, L3, Begonia Ballroom, 3104. Each PET costs S$40.

As part of this pilot programme, all seats may be filled without the need for 1-meter distancing or 1-seat spacing.  Guests must be fully masked at all times and observe prevailing Safe Management Measures. All attendees should remain seated and not intermingle with individuals from other social groups for the entire duration of the event. No F&B is allowed at all times.

Marina Bay Sands and Singaporean superstar JJ Lin are teaming up for a good cause this Nov with After The Rain, a two-day concert in which ticket proceeds will go to vulnerable communities served by Community Chest. To be held on 27 and 28 Nov at Sands Theatre, the event holds significance for JJ Lin, as it will be his first in-person concert in two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to Community Chest, a key beneficiary of Marina Bay Sands’ Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Sands Cares.

Before you go

Does attending this concert require Pre-Event Testing (PET)?

Yes, this concert is a pilot event with “VDS+Test” Protocol. Hence, all attendees must be both fully vaccinated (i.e. an individual is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after he or she has received the full regimen of any World Health Organization Emergency Use Listing (WHO EUL) vaccine); and undergo a Pre-Event Test (PET).

All attendees taking PET must have a valid negative Antigen Rapid Test (ART) or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test for the duration of the performance (i.e. the PET must have been taken in the past 24 hours before the expected end of the performance).

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), ART is recommended for Pre-Event Testing as it has a shorter turnaround time. With ART, attendees may be able to receive their results within an hour.

Do note that no refunds will be given to those who are unable to attend the show due to delays at the test venue.

If you have taken a registered ART test, you should be able to view your test result in the Home Screen under the COVID Health Status section of your TraceTogether (TT) App, or via HealthHub within an hour.

Your Pre-Event Test (PET) result must be valid till the end of the concert (i.e. 10pm). As the PET result is valid for 24 hours, you may take your PET any time from 10pm a day prior to the performance.

If you intend to take your PET on-site at Marina Bay Sands, please factor more time in your journey as there may be queues at the PET facility.

Yes, attendees will have to pay for the COVID-19 test(s) as part of PET requirement, at their own cost.

Guests can undergo Pre-Event Testing (PET) on-site at Marina Bay Sands without prior appointment. The PET facility is located at L3, Begonia Ballroom, Sands Expo & Convention Centre and is open from 1430 – 1930hrs on 27 and 28 Nov. Each PET, administered by Dr Anywhere, in Marina Bay Sands costs S$40 and can be paid via the following methods:

   1) PayNow (QR code or UEN no.)
   2) PayLah (QR code or UEN no.)
   3) Google Pay (QR code or UEN no.)
   4) Direct bank transfer

The full list of MOH-Approved COVID-19 Test Providers can be found here.

No, all attendees must be fully vaccinated and have a valid negative PET result.

Kindly note that guests who have been vaccinated overseas must have their vaccination records updated in Singapore’s National Immunisation Registry. Vaccinated travellers (short-term visitors) who are flying into Singapore to attend this show must be granted a temporary vaccination status upon arrival.

More details can be found on the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website or the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Post Vaccination Matters.

The validity of your COVID-19 Test Result Notice is 24 hours from the time you were registered in-person at the testing premises.

You must not enter Sands Theatre or stay in Sands Theatre beyond the validity period stated on your COVID-19 Test Result Notice.

As such, you must get tested:

  1. Before the start of your visit to the event; and
  2. A maximum of 24 hours before the end of the event (i.e. testing can commence from 10pm prior to performance day).

The show duration is estimated to last 100 minutes. Please factor in an additional 30 minutes buffer to the end time in case of any delays.

Attendees must complete the SafeEntry check-in via TraceTogether app or Token and pass through a security check at the entrance – come early to avoid delays. Doors to Sands Theatre will open 60 minutes before the show and will commence promptly at the stipulated time.

If you are taking a Pre-Event Test (PET) on property, please factor more time in your journey. It may take up to 60 minutes for your ART results to be reflected on your Trace Together app, as well as additional waiting time, depending on the volume of tests at the PET Centre at Marina Bay Sands. We encourage you to take a PET at a clinic near your home, starting from 10pm prior to performance day.

Please note that latecomers will be denied entry once the show begins, and will only be allowed in during a suitable break.

Attendees must bring along the following items:

  1. A working TraceTogether (TT) Token or updated TT app (this applies to all attendees, including children aged between 4 and 12)
  2. A mobile device that has call and internet service to access your test results and vaccination status
  3. Original Government-issued photo identification for verification purposes (e.g. NRIC, FIN, Passport)
  4. COVID-19 Test Result Notice (ART or PCR)

*Please note that PET checks can only be verified via TraceTogether App/Token or HealthHub, including for children aged between 4 and 12. SMS notifications on PET result, and hard copy results slips for PCR test will not be recognised.

Yes. All attendees are required to adhere to the prevailing Government safe management measures, such as mask-wearing at all times, to reduce the risk of community spread. Intermingling with individuals from other social groups during the event is also not allowed.

No. Per the prevailing Government guidelines, self-administered Antigen Rapid Tests will not be recognised. Attendees must take their Pre-Event Test (ART or PCR) at an MOH- approved Covid-19 test provider. You may refer to Go.gov.sg/swabproviders for the list of approved MOH Covid-19 test providers.

No, we will not be conducting virtual checks for PCR or ART.

Guests who require PET can access Marina Bay Sands’ on-site PET facility at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, L3, Begonia Ballroom, 3104.

The full list of MOH-Approved COVID-19 Test Providers can be found here.

No, all attendees must be fully vaccinated and have a valid negative Pre-Event Test (PET).

A PET Exemption Notice/Discharge Memo will not be recognised. 

Attendees who are medically unfit to undergo Covid-19 vaccination can attend the concert, but must undergo Pre-Event Testing (PET). Attendees are required to obtain a Medical Ineligibility (MI) Letter from a local GP. Please note that Physical or Electronic MI document will be accepted to gain admission into the venue.

You will not be permitted entry with a positive or invalid ART result.

You will be required to provide a copy of your positive or invalid Antigen Rapid Test (ART) as documentary proof to request for a full refund.

If you are unable to attend the show because you are on quarantine orderor you feel unwell, please contact us at box_office@marinabaysands.com or +65 6688 8826 to request for a refund.

Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis at the Promoter’s discretion.

If you are unwell, please visit a medical professional as soon as possible for further assessment and provide us with the relevant documentation evidencing this, if you are requesting a refund. Attendees are not allowed to take an ART if they display any acute respiratory infection (ARI) symptoms such as cough or fever. Please rest at home and refrain from attending any event, business, or activity.

No refund will be issued if you are unable to attend the show for not undergoing a Pre-Event Test.

All attendees must have a working TraceTogether App/Token to check in via SafeEntry. Other check-in modes, such as using a mobile device’s camera, SingPass Mobile or other QR code reader apps, or using NRIC/FIN and other photo IDs, will not be accepted. 

There will be no admission for infants in arms and children aged three (3) and below. Children aged four (4) and above will be required to purchase a ticket for admission and obtain a Registration of Confirmation slip. The details are shared in the EDM sent to successful participants in the ticket ballot. 

All children aged 12 and below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and must undergo a Pre-Event Test (PET).

Food and drink items will not be allowed. All food and drink items will have to be consumed/discarded prior to entry. 

The cloak room will be available for this event.

Photography, filming, and audio recording are strictly prohibited during the performance. All DSLR/Cameras with interchangeable lens are strictly prohibited inside the auditorium and will need to be stored in the Cloakroom.

Attendee(s) can access restrooms located at the venue during the event. Safe Distancing Ambassadors and ushers will be on site to ensure there is no crowd congregation. We encourage attendees to use the restroom before entering Sands Theatre to avoid formation of long queues and/or waiting time. Please note you will only be re-admitted at a suitable break during the performance.

All attendees should remain seated for the entire duration of the event and will be ushered out of the venue in groups, according to seating areas.

Marina Bay Sands has implemented several safety and hygiene measures at Sands Theatre so that events can take place safely in a controlled environment.

Sands Theatre is a SG Clean-certified venue and has stepped up the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and high-touch surfaces. All seats in the theatre are also sprayed with disinfectant on a regular basis. 

The venue has procedures in place to ensure compliance with the Safe Management Measures under a new pilot that follows the “VDS + Test” protocol, including requiring all attendees to be fully vaccinated and have a valid negative Pre-Event Test (PET).

As part of this pilot programme, all seats may be filled without the need for 1-meter distancing or 1-seat spacing. Guests must be fully masked at all times and observe prevailing Safe Management Measures.

Aside from mandatory SafeEntry check-in via the TraceTogether app or Token for all attendees, trained Safe Ambassadors will be deployed to disperse crowds and ensure safe distancing measures are adhered to. For more information on Marina Bay Sands’ safety and hygiene measures, please refer to www.marinabaysands.com/company-information/sands-clean-and-safe.html

For more information on Sands Theatre’s safety and hygiene measures, click here.