Toast Box Restaurant in Marina Bay SandsToast Box Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands


Revel in the sights and aromas

Inspired by the local culture of Singapore, Toast Box offers a 360-degree sensory experience with contemporary ambiance. Enjoy the sight and aroma of traditional pulled Nanyang Coffee to a delectable spread of local delights such as crispy Thick Toast with Peanut Butter and Hainanese Kaya (coconut jam).

Other signature dishes include Curry Chicken, Laksa (spicy noodle soup), Mee Siam (vermicelli in spicy, sweet and sour gravy), Mee Rebus (noodles in spicy potato-based gravy) and homemade Nasi Lemak (coconut-flavoured rice seasoned with a combination of ingredients).

Toast Box Laksa
Toast Box - Kaya Toast
Toast Box - Peanut Butter Toast
Toast Box