RISIS Jewelry in SingaporeRISIS Jewelry in Singapore


Founded in 1976, RISIS was born from a man’s dream to immortalise natural orchids in pure gold, a quest which created a true Singaporean icon. The world-famous gold-plated natural orchids led to unique works in jewellery, décor and lifestyle pieces, all intricately crafted in-house by people who are passionate about what they do.

Blending its experience in traditional handwork with expertise in advanced precious metal technology, RISIS has achieved exceptional levels of workmanship, precision and artistry that have promulgated the brand around the world. From gifts commissioned for world leaders, to those given by loved ones and family, RISIS brings people closer together. 
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24K Gold-Plated Natural Orchids
The Moonlight Dance Collection
The Luna Collection
Zodiac Collection 2015
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