Elevating experiences at Sands Expo & Convention Centre with Event Design

Meetings event goals in the dynamic business landscape with event design facilitators.

Come 2024, Marina Bay Sands and Event Design Collective, an institution for event organisers, will launch Asia’s first event design lab, allowing event planners to work with certified Team Members to plan and design their upcoming events at Sands Expo. This follows a year-long immersion programme where 60 Team Members at Marina Bay Sands underwent training with the Collective, which helps event organisers innovate and improve events through a systematic 10-step visual approach.

With event design, planners are able to incorporate greater structure into organising their events, using a step-by-step visual chart to guide them. Using this chart, planners are able to identify and resolve pain points, optimise their events, and even outline costs and expected revenues along the delegate’s journey.

“The inception of this lab will help planners to design their events in a more conducive environment and plan them more successfully,” said Ms Genevieve Lim, Executive Director of MICE Management, Marina Bay Sands.

This innovative partnership reflects Sands Expo’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry.

“It’s a delight to work with the team, which is already performing at such a high level, and help them to take the next step in raising the bar and making client engagements even more worthwhile,” added Mr Roel Frissen, Co-founder and Managing Director, Event Design Collective.

For a closer look at the transformative impact of Event Design and feedback from an event planner, watch the video above.