Bazin Restaurant in Marina Bay SandsBazin Restaurant in Marina Bay Sands


Bazin - Bistro & Bar, a great place to enjoy the breath-taking view of Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline.

Bazin offers an exquisite wine menu, constant drink promotions, Draft Beers, Giant Cocktails, Happy Hour and a huge variety of Classic and Signature Cocktails.

Book an event or invite your friends over for a feast of food choices from Pizzas, Pastas, Burgers, Steaks, and delectable bar snacks.

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Cheese and Bacon Plate
Bazin Cocktail in Marina Bay Sands
Bazin Roasted Chicken Set in Marina Bay Sands
Bazin Salmon Set in Marina Bay Sands
Bazin Sausage in Marina Bay Sands
Donovan Ng - Head Bartender at Bazin at Marina Bay Sands

Donovan Ng, Head Bartender

Best drink I had recently…

The Mexican Red Mojito – it is rum-based, very fruity and light, and tickles the taste buds. The lychee, lime and strawberry flavours come together very well.

The decision to become a bartender…

Happened when I was working as a wait staff. I saw the bartender mixing drinks and interacting with the guests, and I got inspired since I enjoy doing both.

Biggest rookie mistake…

In the early stages of being a mixologist, there was a customer who ordered tequila, and I served it on a wine glass.