Desert and Italian Dishes in The Connoisseur ConcertoDesert and Italian Dishes in The Connoisseur Concerto


tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto Is the leading chain of art boutiques caffès boasting a comprehensive selection of gourmet food and creative beverages.

At tcc, take a step back from the buzzing city life and enjoy our extensive range of exclusive top-quality coffees brewed to perfection using a variety of brewing methods, and our gourmet delights which are artfully prepared and arranged to satisfy the senses.

Recline on our posh furniture and be enveloped in pure sophistication and satisfaction. Enjoy d’Life.
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Mid Autumn Celebrations

Mid Autumn Celebrations

Revel in the splendour of tcc ’s mooncake creations this year. From the Classic Baked mooncakes to the Grandeur and Royal Elixir snowskin mooncake series, let our Majestic collections delight you this Mid-Autumn Festival.

17 August to 31 August 2018
Early bird special at 28% OFF with selected banks & memberships

1 September to 24 September 2018
Boutique special at 25% OFF with selected banks & memberships
The Connoisseur Concerto - High Tea Set
The Connoisseur Concerto - Seafood Aglio Olio
The Connoisseur Concerto - Chocolate of Wealth
The Connoisseur Concerto - Parisian Mugs