Desert and Italian Dishes in The Connoisseur ConcertoDesert and Italian Dishes in The Connoisseur Concerto


The secret to tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto’s rich aromatic brews lies in the techniques utilised to prep the coffee. Using 100% Arabica beans roasted and delivered straight to each outlet, coffee is extracted with cool water using a slow, steady drip, hence the term ‘ice-dripped coffee’. This 12-hour process produces coffee with a uniquely sweet and fruity characteristic that complements the richness of dairy.

Added with a shot of Bailey’s® Irish Cream and rum, the new liqueur coffee series is a must-try at tcc. Its food menu doubles the joy of the dining experience, with new dishes such as the Hokkaido Gem, which reveal the freshness of the ingredients used to craft every taste and texture.

As the leading chain of art boutique cafes, tcc is the perfect place for relaxation.

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