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Trung Nguyen Café is Vietnam’s leading café chain.


Vietnamese coffee is celebrated by coffee connoisseurs as some of the best in the world. A far cry from the usual coffee brands, Vietnamese coffees are renowned for their bold tastes, exquisite flavours and captivating aromas.

With around 100 cafés in Vietnam, Trung Nguyen Café has recently started spreading the delightful uniqueness of Vietnamese coffee to Singapore. 

Choose from their selection of exquisite, fine coffees which range from espressos, iced espressos, ice blended and swirls. Not to be missed are the traditional drip coffees, specially prepared to capture the quintessential Vietnamese coffee taste.

Their bestseller, Legendee Coffee, is produced by an enzyme treatment process developed exclusively by Trung Nguyên that mimics the changes produced in the coffee beans by the civet cat. It produces a coffee every bit as distinctive and good as the genuine article but at about a tenth of the price (and, fortunately, without any involvement from the weasels!).

The special process used in making Legendee coffee seems to release a whole spectrum of flavours that normally lie dormant. It has a one-of-a-kind taste - rich, mellow and chocolatey. Rich and complex, Legendee Coffee is the favourite of kings and royalties. It superb when served hot, sensational when iced, and is certainly one of the finest coffees in the world.