More exciting gifts await!

More exciting gifts await!

Your capsule includes one of the 35 lucky charms as well as one of these:

  • Up to $1,000 Reward Dollars
  • Ox Charm Sets
  • Exclusive Red Packet Envelopes

Swipe. Turn. Redeem.

Swipe your membership card to get a capsule and stand to win up to $1,000 Reward Dollars!

Sands Collectibles
Swipe your card

Swipe your membership card at the capsule machine.

  • Located at The Shoppes B1 (above Sampan Rides).
Sands Collectibles
Turn the knob
Turn the knob and wait for your capsule to release. Open your capsule, you will see a lucky charm and your lucky slip.
Sands Collectibles
Redeem your prizes!
Check your lucky slip and stand to win up to $1,000 Reward Dollars and more!