Our buildings are not only visually stunning but also built with high performance and sustainable functionality in mind. We have found that innovative building design and responsible construction practices minimize the immediate impact associated with the extraction, manufacturing, and transportation of building materials, and provide the foundation for conservation of natural resources during the years of operation.

Building Renovation & New Development

As a developer of integrated resorts, it is important for us to embed sustainable practices in the early stages of design and throughout construction. During building and renovation of our properties, we use unique environmental design features, optimize mechanical systems, select green materials, and recycle construction waste. Marina Bay Sands was designed to introduce abundant natural daylight to illuminate indoor areas, reducing the need for additional lighting. Specially designed convex and concave roofs reduce heat gain into the podium interior. Sun shading across the glass façade in the form of balconies, vertical fins, and canopies were too installed. 

Sustainability Certifications

Third-party standards and certifications help verify our environmental record and achievements. It is important for us to adopt regional standards at our properties to address local environmental concerns. Please visit our milestones for certification attained.

New Technologies & Innovation

As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we regularly research and test new products to stay at the cutting-edge of technological innovation in the industry. Here at Marina Bay Sands, we use regenerative drives on elevators, which require 40% less energy than comparable non-regenerative elevators. The escalators in the retail mall and the convention center are designed to stop when they are not in use and start when they detect incoming people.

In addition energy, water and resource conservation projects, we have in place an extensive waste management strategy, including food waste diversion, to help us improve waste reduction, diversion and our total environmental impact. In our convention centre we have over 250 meeting rooms. In 2014 it was our priority to find an air-conditioning system that would ensure that the air-conditioning was switched on only in the meetings rooms being used for events.