2022 Responsible Business Highlights

Sustainability has been at the forefront of Marina Bay Sands’ operations, shaping every aspect - from architectural designs that minimise natural resource use to investing in intelligent building management. Our dedication to delivering unparalleled guest experiences is matched only by our drive to give back to our communities, while reducing our environmental footprint.

For more information about 2022 performance, read our full report here.


Decoupling our carbon footprint from business growth by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, adopting smart technology and driving more effective use of materials

Maximising energy efficiency while optimising guest comfort

Sustainability was a crucial component of our US$1 billion reinvestment programme designed to elevate the luxury experience for our guests.

To optimise guest room devices – including air conditioning, room lighting, curtain control and power sockets - room control units (RCU) were installed in 581 newly renovated hotel rooms in 2022. The RCUs use various inputs – such as check-in/check-out status and real-time occupancy – to automatically adjust air conditioning, enhancing guest comfort while minimising energy use.


Optimising operational efficiency and raising awareness of water issues

Adopting and scaling best practices in water efficiency

Reducing water usage in our restaurants was a key focus throughout 2022, with the upgrading of dishwashers in high-usage locations for greater water and energy savings. Through extensive research, a dishwasher model was chosen that not only met but exceeded operational requirements - saving 140,000kWh and over 1.7 million litres of water annually, compared to the previous model.


Embrace 3R and circularity principles to enhance our waste management systems and maximise resources

Increasing segregation of food waste at source

In 2022, Marina Bay Sands embarked on an ambitious programme to identify infrastructural needs and process enhancements needed to enhance food waste segregation for treatment. An external consultant was engaged to provide engineering and architectural expertise, as well as to conduct a landscape scan of technologies in the market. Comprehensive bin inventory studies were conducted across 15 of our own and operated outlets. Enhancements implemented, including the introduction of additional colour-coded bins and changes to the decoy process flow, have made food waste segregation more convenient and efficient for Team Members.


Leveraging our unique resources and active team member volunteerism to help meet Singapore’s social needs

Advancing learning and mentoring opportunities to build the workforce of the future

In 2022, Marina Bay Sands partnered with six Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore to launch the US$1 million Sands Hospitality Scholarship programme. Supporting over 100 Singaporean students to pursue hospitality or tourism-related courses by covering expenses like tuition fees and overseas immersion programmes, this bond-free initiative seeks to develop local talent and address industry personnel challenges.


Deliver diverse and delectable choices that emphasise our commitment to sustainable, local, healthy and exciting cuisines

Transforming the seafood supply chain

Through our ongoing collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Singapore since 2015, we have transformed our seafood supply chain in terms of responsible sourcing, supplier engagement, data verification and traceability and chef education. We have already supported six farms and one fishery across Malaysia and Singapore through WWF’s agriculture improvement programmes, with an additional farm joining in 2022.

One farm has made the necessary enhancements needed to be ready for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification, including minimising the use of wild fish as ingredient for feed and adhering to rigorous requirements to reduce disease outbreaks to the minimum.


Communicate our commitments across both operations and the supply chain by inspiring and engaging our customers, partners and Team Members

Triple platinum certified sustainable venue

Sands Expo and Convention Centre is one of Asia’s leading sustainable event venues, hosting events such as the inaugural Hotel Sustainability Conference and Marketplace and the official launch of the MICE Sustainability Roadmap.

Various sustainability measures are showcased at such events, including:

  • Elimination of all single-use plastics, writing materials and packaging
  • Lectern made from closed-loop materials like paper pulp waste and recycled PET water bottles
  • Recycled cork table numbers using corks from Marina Bay Sands’ own restaurants
  • Locally and regionally sourced menus, incorporating innovative plant-based options and herbs from our onsite edible garden
  • In-depth impact statement tracking the event’s carbon footprint, waste and materials usage, including food waste