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Our flexible cancellation policies help you book worry-free, even if your travel plans change.

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We know your time is precious. Enjoy the convenience of booking your airline and room type, all in one place.

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Opt to stay at Marina Bay Sands for just a part of your entire trip to Singapore. For an all-inclusive package with breakfast included, book our Bed & Breakfast package.

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In collaboration with TimeDesign

Marina Bay Sands’ Flight + Hotel package is provided in collaboration with TimeDesign Co. Ltd. (part of Japan. TimeDesign sources the best airfare from destinations worldwide to provide the best fares possible, for all classes of service. Please note that any changes to Flight + Hotel Package booking can only be made by Time Design’s dedicated Customer Service Team. Marina Bay Sands hotel reservation staff on property are unable to assist in the matter.

*The illustrations depicted above are not indicative of the actual discount ratio.