A room designed and curated to deliver an elevated home-away-from-home experience that comforts, soothes, delights and excites. A haven of calm amidst the bustling city.


An elegant and tranquil space lined with eucalyptus and marble. Thoughtfully curated art pieces open to a panoramic view of the Singapore skyline.

A soothing material palette, with clean lines and chic detailing throughout. All amenities, furnishings and intuitive sensory technology reflect our love of refined craftsmanship.


The room is a celebration of sophistication. Thoughtfully articulated soft wood panelling, organic shapes, crafted niches, with unexpected touches of curated art. Swathes of perfectly book-matched marble with lush green veins clad the foyer floor, reflective of the botanical character of the tropical city.

Luxury Frette bedding, tailor-made Maison 21G scent, exquisite Legle tableware, Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth speaker, wireless bedside charging pods — the list goes on. Here, every object is meticulously curated, sensitively delivered and intuitively designed.


The custom-made chinoiserie Armoire, opens to unveil a whole host of elegant treats. Artfully inspired by the jewellery box, ergonomically designed, every compartment unfolds to reveal a generous curation of amenities and refreshments. A tailored journey through specialty teas, fine wines and tastes of local cultures.

This cocktail bar is the epitome of sophisticated fun — pre-made Negroni's, Martini's and of course the Singapore Sling paired with their perfect glassware echo the days of old-world glamour.


The expansive bathroom space is designed as an urban retreat to evoke deep restorative energy, to soothe the mind and calm the soul. The spa-like design envelops with a sense of tranquility — highly functional and exquisitely elegant.

A bespoke walk-in wardrobe is meticulously detailed for every room, with custom-fit compartments, well-lit shelves, display cabinets and a dressing niche.