Sands for Singapore

Marina Bay Sands’ corporate social responsibility programme, is committed to helping Singapore in meaningful ways. By using our unique resources as well as mobilising our active volunteerism, we aim to create a positive difference in the lives of Singaporeans.

More information on Marina Bay Sands' charitable efforts is available here.

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A Sands for Singapore Series

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Pei Shan and Jonathan, hospitality business degree students in Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), are aspiring leaders of the hospitality industry. Since 2018, Marina Bay Sands has helped students like Pei Shan and Jonathan take a closer step to a fulfilling hospitality career through a bursary.

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AWWA Family Services

Since 2018, Marina Bay Sands has contributed S$360,000 to AWWA Family Services which offers temporary accommodation and social work intervention for up to 50 families facing difficulties. Through Marina Bay Sands’ support, Mdm Zalikha’s family is one of 22 families that have found stable housing after moving out of AWWA Family Services.

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS)

Marina Bay Sands enabled CPAS to better serve the needs of its beneficiaries by contributing S$160,000 to procure a special hydraulic bus equipped with dedicated wheelchair spaces. The bus allows beneficiaries from CPAS School and Day Activity Centre to visit nearby malls, parks, food centres and supermarkets for their Communtiy Living Skills programme.

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Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN)

In 2018, Marina Bay Sands contributed S$160,000 towards APSN Community and College (ACC) – the first-ever higher institute of learning for persons with special needs in Singapore. The funds will go towards the development of ACC’s curriculum and facility, providing skills enhancement training for more beneficiaries like Sarah and Jordan.

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