27 May at 8pm Showing of Spectra is CANCELED. 9pm and 10pm shows will perform as scheduled.

Discover the magic of Spectra – A Light & Water Show, a free nightly outdoor extravaganza displayed over the water at the Event Plaza.

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As the 15-minute outdoor show unfolds before your eyes in a four-part story, immerse yourself in the beautiful symphony of dancing fountain jets, colourful visual projections, advanced lasers, and lava and mist effects — all led by an orchestral soundtrack.

Bring your family and friends, and be enthralled time and again by the visually stunning world of Spectra!

The grandeur of Spectra

The Story
The Story
Act I: Singular Vision – The Origin
Act I
Act II: Prism of Diversity – The Blossoming of Ideas
Act II
Act III: Kaleidoscope – The Fusion of Cultures, Technology and Passion
Act IV: Future Focused – Realising the Dream
Act IV
The Story

Spectra – A Light & Water Show reflects Singapore’s journey to becoming the cosmopolitan city of today. It was developed with Australia-based agency Imagination.

Act I

Singular Vision – The Origin 

A 12-metre-tall glass prism comes to life, setting the scene for a retelling of Singapore’s complex history and cultural background.

Act II

Prism of Diversity – The Blossoming of Ideas

Singapore begins taking shape as a cosmopolitan, multicultural society.


Kaleidoscope – The Fusion of Cultures, Technology and Passion

Cultures, technology and ideas come together to position Singapore as a forward-thinking nation and a key player on the global stage.

Act IV

Future Focused – Realising the Dream

The final act hints at Singapore’s dream of becoming a smart nation, and her efforts to be a better nation.


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"Beautiful waterfront"

Early morning joggers at the bayfront. Beautiful view at night. There is a free-to-public outdoor light and water show displayed over the water along the promenade. The Spectre light shows timings... ... more

- Rebecca388
"Spectacular and FREE entertainment!"

The light show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas? The light show in Hong Kong Harbor? They are NOTHING compared to this one. We saw it six times - in the center of the back of the viewing area, 30 feet... ... more

- Michael K
"Don't miss this at night."

We walked around the Bay and ate at a couple of the restaurants. You can see a lovely night light show from the Marina Bay Sands and even take boat rides. There is a stage on one side of the marina... ... more

- Kitt M

Before you go

Can the show be viewed from any of Marina Bay Sands’ restaurants or eateries?

Spectra is a nightly outdoor show that can only be viewed from selected restaurants if you sit al fresco. These include:

  • Le Noir (L1-84, Bay Level)
  • Dallas Cafe & Bar (L1-85, Bay Level)
  • JustIN Flavours of Asia (L1-83, Bay Level)

The nightly show is free and open to all.